Questions Abound…

The thing I don’t like about people overplaying their hands is that it builds up expectations that cannot be met and that’s always disappointing. Unless you’re a trumpster, you have wanted Trump out and gone for, well, I’m going to say seven years or so. One scandal after another has arisen and, one by one, Trump just bats them away and keeps going. Granted, he’s had some help from his compliant GOP toadies. His supporters get to claim it’s because he didn’t do the things he’s accused of doing. I suspect it’s because Satan takes care of his own. But I’ll tell you the truth, when these things appear to be overblown, one topic after another, as measured by the ability to follow through and take any real action aside from simple political attacks, I don’t blame the right for getting comfortable that the next “scandal” will ALSO be manufactured and overstated and the left is starting to look a little like Charlie Brown expecting Lucy to hold the football…this time.

I know that GOP attacks on Hillary got old and boring to the left very fast. They claimed a lot but never had anything. Even the deleted emails are fun to bitch about but the fact is, she beat them on that one. It’s not that people don’t know that Hillary deleted emails. It’s that people have realized that no one can prove Hillary deleted anything important. Just believing a crime was committed doesn’t mean a crime was committed. That’s why we used to do the rule of law thing in this country. But Hillary got away with things because of GOP overreach and/or because people couldn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she had committed a crime. (And, OMG, did they try to prove she had committed a crime…) The same applies to Trump. It’s one thing to know, it’s another thing to prove.

If the argument truly hinges on whether or not Trump declassified the documents he stole, then it will come down to a ‘he said/she said’ kind of thing. If it’s true that the President cannot in fact declassify anything at will, then there may be more. I understand that some of the papers in question are SO sensitive they can only be read in a SKIF, a secure location. Can the POTUS really just declare an item like that declassified and leave it on a table or stick it in a desk drawer? That sounds kind of stupid, to me.

But the warrant didn’t focus only on classified materials. There are other areas of concern. There are some things he’s just not allowed to have, classified or not. There are concerns he might be trying to destroy or hide information, obstructing justice. In fact, there’s a LOT of speculation going on right now and it just follows political lines. The left is sure the papers are incriminating. The right is equally certain the papers are nothing.

I’ll tell you this: actions speak louder than words. If there’s legal followup to this, then we’ll know he really did do something wrong. If there’s not, it’s likely just more political muck-raking. I’ve decided to tamp down my enthusiasm until there’s more solid information and less speculation…


So, if you’re a religious believer, I need a little help here. What is it with these tiny, little insecure “gods” you’all worship? Some crazy just stabbed Salmon Rushdie during a speech. Rushdie is a writer. He once wrote a book called ‘The Satanic Verses.’ I never read it but it really offended Muslims. So they decided they had to kill Rushdie. Hey Christians, don’t get all full of yourselves, here. YOUR “god” gave humanity the 10 most important rules in the history of rules and four of the first five – before don’t murder anyone and try to tell the truth – four of them were “You have to like me best.” That’s some pretty deep insecurity from a “superior” being, yes?

Okay, so I get it. Religious killing in the name of one’s “god” is all part and parcel to religion and always has been but I’ve always wondered how come an all-powerful “god” has to send a minion to do HIS holy dirty work. You’re a GOD, fercrissakes! YOU can’t rub out someone who said something you didn’t like? I’d like to say to the believers, if your god chooses not to act, YOU should not act, either.

I’ll tell you this, though; I sure hope some loving believer doesn’t decide to murder me for asking the question…