How Democracy Dies…

Well, here we go. Georgia is off and running this election season. Sadly, they’re off and running to destroy democracy and they’re doing a pretty good job so far. Georgia is just chock full of people who don’t understand things and those people believe Trump’s big lie. Because they believe the big lie, they decided to make it harder for Democrats to vote. No, that’s not a typo. In fairness “harder for Democrats to vote” is not the wording of the law. The law really just allows any citizen to challenge – an unlimited number of times – the validity of any other citizen to vote, requiring them to cast provisional ballots. It’s just that only the cons are challenging voters and they’re only challenging Democrats.

The law also provides for cures to affirm address challenges. The challenged voter can provide verification of their address or fill out an address verification form in the moment and on site. The law says that if there’s a question, the poll workers should work toward including the challenged voter’s vote on a regular ballot, but that part is apparently easy to “forget” and the poll workers seem to be just ignoring that portion. (The same trick they use on the 2nd Amendment – just ignore the part you don’t like.) Okay, again, in fairness, many of the poll workers simply weren’t told about the cures on hand and in place to correct the challenge in the moment if a voter is challenged so maybe they’re not “forgetting,” just poorly trained by the state. They were NOT poorly trained in their ideology, however, and they DO NOT want Democrats to vote.

So, quick summary, in Georgia, the people who don’t understand things think they’re protecting democracy by denying democracy. These are the same people who get upset if you say they’re following fascist dictates. Go figure… I once had a guitar case covered with politically oriented stickers, one of which read, “Beware the power of stupid people in large groups.” I’m not happy seeing it play out.

Sometimes, I think this country’s destruction works in carefully calculated cycles. What I mean is, right now, EVERY MAGA supporter is shouting and whining and sniveling about the stolen election in 2020 and they have been since the election. There’s not a shred of evidence that the election was stolen in 2020. They marched into 61 courtrooms trying to challenge the election and lost 61 times! (Hey, a perfect record is a perfect record, right?) The fact that there’s no evidence to support their insane claims hasn’t stopped them. Hell, it hasn’t even slowed them down. They just whine and whine and whine. They’re not going to win that fight because it’s a delusional fever-dream but I suspect they’re not intended to win that fight. I suspect the true goal is just to wear down American’s tolerance for complaints about voter fraud.

You see, the left will come out and challenge laws like the one in Georgia. The right has passed so many democracy choking laws it’s hard to keep up. Between gerrymandering and these “Dems shouldn’t be allowed to vote” laws and the “adjusting” laws that allow state legislatures to simply declare Democratic winners the losers and the losing con the true winner, the right isn’t fighting election fraud – they’re perfecting it. The news coming out of Georgia is a portent. But the MAGA crowd will comfort themselves in their actual cheating by clinging desperately to their pretense of Democratic cheating in 2020. They’ll ignore the evidence – and the fact that Democrats will WIN challenge after challenge in court based on evidence. (No it won’t be a perfect record. There are too many partisan Aileen Cannons out there…)

Besides, even if someone DOES show the election was fraudulent, like happened when Bush 43 was appointed by the Supremely Kangaroo Court, We, the People don’t go back and install the rightful winner. For some reason, we let the cheater have their “win” and promise to “fix it next time.” The point is, when honest people come forward with actual complaints of true voter fraud in this 2022 mid-term, the masses are going to be SO saturated with complaints about election integrity, the complaints will fall on deaf ears or be easily dismissed with a blithe, “Yeah, nobody listened when we complained, either.”

If you were a fan of the Constitutional Republic known as the United States of America, this election cycle is a sad, sad moment in history for you. You’re watching, in real time, the fall of a once-great nation to greed and to fascism…


Remember John Durham? He’s the guy the cons thought was going to blow the lid off the Trump-Russia “scam.” Oh my gods the cons celebrated his appointment. They “pre-gloated” about all the wrongdoings on the left he was going to uncover. I heard about John Durham, at the time, from every con I know. He was going to clear Trump of all of the false charges and bring convictions to – well, pretty much anybody with national recognition and a D after their name. They were ALL going to prison because they were ALL “in on it.” Hillary, Mueller, Comey, PeLOSi (by law, apparently, you have to kind of spit that one…) – ALL of them were going to jail.

Or not. He did get one low-level FBI lawyer, Kevin Clinesmith, for falsifying information to the FISA court. Clinesmith was sentenced to a year’s probation and some community service. Durham brought a second charge against another low-level character. The second case just ended in acquittal. I’d say Durham was less than successful in his quest to destroy Democratic leadership. Now his oh-so-devastating investigation is coming to an end with nearly nothing to show for it. (He DID get to piss away $5.8 MILLION dollars of taxpayer money so, there’s that…)

I asked a conservative friend of mine what he thought about Durham’s lack of success. He said, “Who?” Straight on to the next fever-dream, I guess…

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