On Faith Without Fact…

I’ve been watching the left freak out about Herschel Walker recently. The dude is CLEARLY a liar and a hypocrite. The left has been trying to promote the truth about Walker, apparently hoping (and you can’t make this up), to change conservative minds with facts! Ha, ha! What a bunch of rubes. Why don’t they know one does not change a conservative mind with facts? Conservatives operate on faith and faith alone – and one CAN NOT successfully argue against someone’s faith.

Besides, even if the cons had standards or principles, THEY think they’re just doing what the left did to get rid of Trump. If you’ll recall, the left banded together, Dems and progressives, and everyone (except the MAGA cons) came out and voted against Trump. It was NEVER an endorsement of Biden. Nobody gave two figs about Biden, his policies, his age, his gaffes…nothing. All we cared about was that he wasn’t Trump.

The difference? The people who understand things were trying to get rid of a national cancer in Trump, a would-be strongman being used by MUCH smarter people than himself to usher in Fascism and turn over national secrets to a foreign adversary. But the cons have been so deeply inculcated into the conservative construct, they don’t even understand what fascism is, let alone that THEY are the group supporting the destruction of a once-great nation. They never WILL know it, either. Their faith informs them – and when has faith ever been wrong? (Yeah, I know – always – but you can’t tell a person of faith THAT, either, so…)

Consider this. Ever since Bill Clinton destroyed independent media in this once great nation, there’s been a pattern. When – and I mean the very day – a Democrat takes over in the Oval Office, the conservative bubble begins a well-orchestrated chorus of horrors, nightmares, failings, and faults. The United States is portrayed in the bubble as a festering hellhole, full of the worst kinds of people doing the worst kinds of things. Americans suffer poverty, restrictions on their “freedumbs,” overwhelming and uncontrolled invasions of the “wrong” people, loss of opportunity, death, devastation, and destruction. God has damned America!

Then (Glory!) the day – and I mean the very day – a Republican moves into the Oval Office, everything is sweetness and light. The economy BOOMS! Everyone enjoys perfect freedumb, the borders are closed. Opportunity is everywhere, nobody dies, nobody suffers, all is well in the shining beacon on the hill. (When bad things DO happen to people anyway, it’s somehow the Democrat’s fault…that’s the rule.) God bless America!

NONE of it is ever true but the cons don’t know that and they never will. For one, they don’t WANT to know but, really, they can’t. I mean, they can’t allow themselves to even consider the possibility their team might be wrong – it’s a matter of faith. People who understand things try logic. “What policy,” they ask, “has been put into place – today – that created all of this mythic awesomeness?” When 43 was installed, I actually heard cons responding to that question by saying it was all so much better so very fast in anticipation of Republican leadership! See? The cons don’t even have to DO anything, they still get credit for all that’s good and true in this world, leaving the Dems with the role of evildoers.

It’s important to note, this is not stupidity, it’s faith – and faith is FAR worse. A person can be educated out of stupidity. Refusing to question one’s own faith is, by definition, part and parcel of faith itself. When old Chucky Koch decided to destroy America, he found the perfect tool with which to do it – faith – and the perfect tools to carry the process forward – the faithful. And what happens when people operate on faith and faith alone? Jonestown. Waco. Heaven’s Gate. The Civil War. Faith has created some lovely paintings and some beautiful songs, but faith without fact is responsible for as much death and destruction in history as any other single cause – maybe more.

It’s a sorry state, the state of our State. I wish – and I mean I REALLY wish – I had some answer. But I just don’t know how to overcome the willful blindness of faith. I don’t think anyone else knows how, either. There’s only one thing I’ve EVER seen that changes the mind of the faithful and that is the fruits of their faith coming home to roost. They get smacked so hard with reality, they can’t turn away anymore. David Koresh tells a loving parent they have to turn their 13 year old daughter to him for sex – because God said so. Jim Jones kills a congress critter and they all drink the Kool-aid (or are forced to). Six million (14 million, really) people are murdered in cold blood. Then, and only then – maybe – a person will open their eyes. FAR too often, they drink the Kool-aid in order to avoid having to face reality. Joseph Goebbels killed his own children – and himself – to protect himself from reality. How does one defend against that?

So this whole thing plays out, like it or not. We’ll clean up the mess after and try again. Martin Luther King, Jr said the arc of history bends toward justice. I think it’s true. Each iteration, every time we try to make a better world, we get a little closer. I’ll tell you this: faith without fact is a tool of destruction. If we get the chance to try again, I’d suggest protecting independent media and teaching logic and critical thinking in school. It may not overcome faith but it’s a start…

2 thoughts on “On Faith Without Fact…

  1. The best definition of “faith” I ever saw came from Mark Twain. He said: “Faith is believing what you know ain”t so “……that hits all the Trumpies right between the eyes. They KNOW what he says is a lie but they choose to believe it….very sad…


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