The Dumbass waited as long as he did to announce he was running for President again because the GOP made him. You see, they have been paying many of his legal bills (his sucker acolytes have been paying the rest) and they told him they’d stop if he announced before the mid-terms. Apparently, the party was afraid the CheetoJesus would tarnish the outcome of the election exactly as he seems to have done. But some people have suggested that the reason the loser trump announced his next bid so quickly after the mid-terms was that he thought he could deflect the DOJ from investigating his illegal activities by claiming the whole thing is simply a political witch hunt. You know, exactly like he was doing before he announced.

So far? No good. The DOJ has just announced the appointment of a special counsel – a registered independent named Jack Smith – to determine whether trump gets to commit crimes unpunished or is just like any other citizen. My position? If the evidence supports the charges, he should stand trial – just like any other person. Really, just the fact that he gets a special counsel to make the determination is special treatment. Normally, the DOJ would just move forward with whatever action they determined was the correct move. Although, my guess is that this special counsel will not operate with the narrow parameters that hamstrung Robert Mueller’s investigation.

I DO think the moves signals a concern that the MAGA cons will not accept the results of the investigation. (Really, why would they start accepting facts now?) Add layer after layer of caution, the thinking seems to go, and the next step will be harder for the cons to refute. Kinda dumb, if you ask me. The cons believe what they’re told to believe and they won’t even know about extra layers of caution. They don’t need no stinking trial or evidence to know trump is innocent of all charges – even if he did do those things. But the rational crowd, the people who understand things, will have one more arrow in their quiver when the “debate” begins so it’s not all bad…


Right now, the left is kind of salivating over the GOP’s conflict within about whether trump should run or not. I say, enjoy the moment. Fox “News” tried to get him to skip this one but he announced anyway. THEN Fox “News” talked about how “Presidential” he looked. As usual with this “holy” embodiment of ALL seven of the deadly sins, they’ll stand against him right up until they acquiesce and back him. Remember, these people operate on positions, not principles. Trump has been counted out so many times in the past and managed to slither past it I’m not prepared to make any predictions. Right now, it looks like his star has fallen. These days, he actually looks delusional. He’s not even talking about the country anymore. It’s all him, him, him. Look what they’re doing to poor, poor me, that sort of thing. We’re clear he feels an abiding pity for himself and is nursing a need for vengeance because he often lists names of people with whom he plans to get even.

Anyone capable of even a modicum of independent thought has heard him quite clearly in his threats to destroy the Republic, dump the Constitution, and name himself President for Life. (January 6th coup, anyone?) Hell, the coup, alone, should disqualify him from public office. But the MAGA cons don’t care so long as they get to keep their second half of the Second Amendment. Absolutely NO understanding that “throwing out the Constitution” includes the Second Amendment but because they don’t believe he’ll attack the Second, they don’t care. So it remains to be seen if the GOP will dump trump or not. You may have noticed, I really don’t like trump and I fear him – or at least what he represents. Unlike MAGA cons, I loved this country and would have preferred to see it continue.

But there’s an outside chance that trump will split the con vote, leaving the way clear for the Dems to keep moving forward. We know trump won’t stop on his own. He can’t. But I also think there’s a difference between MAGA cons and regular conservatives and the MAGA cons are FAR fewer in number than they used to be, likely not nearly enough to carry the con-man forward without mainstream conservatives. Besides, the left hates trump with the same energy the right hates Hillary. So long as trump is a threat (read: on the ballot) the left will fall out in droves to stop him.

I’ll tell you this: He told his base that, with him, they’d get tired of winning. He just didn’t tell them they’d be tired of the Democrats winning. I wonder how long it will be before they figure it out?


The nice thing about the cons being honest about their intentions to initiate investigations of anybody with a ‘D’ after their name despite not having any evidence of any crime is that the rest of us know what to expect, which, to be clear, will be more of the money- and time-wasting “investigations” like those they ran (and ran and ran and ran) into Hillary, only to find they couldn’t nail her for one little thing. The party of fiscal responsibility, as they like to pretend they are, wasted something like $14 million dollars on those hearings.

I’ll tell you this: They’ll happily waste money on frivolous lawsuits and sham investigations any time they think it will mess with a Dem. Of course, they’ll need to cut school lunches and safety programs and other threads of the social safety net to pay for their scams but cons are never happier than when they’re doing harm to defenseless people. It’s just their jam…