Hey, Let’s Not…

Have you been accused by a con of suffering from TDS, yet? No? Oh, you haven’t lived. TDS, that’s ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome.’ THEY mean that you’re so blinded by your hatred of Trump, you simply can’t see all the wonderful things he is and has done. Which, of course, makes the slur perfect. Unfortunately for them, it’s perfect projection.

You see, “Deranged” is defined by Merriam/Webster as: ‘Mentally unsound’ or ‘wildly odd or eccentric.’ They’re saying that because I come to conclusions about Trump based on things that actually happen, I’m mentally unsound. Conversely, because THEY come to conclusions about Trump based on things that have NEVER happened and traits he simply does not possess, they must be the ones operating at full efficiency?

I’ll tell you this: Yes, someone in this scenario is “deranged” but I’d say it’s the people who follow Trump blindly and believe whatever they’re told to believe despite available evidence…


I hate to throw water onto everybody’s fun, I really do. I can see that the media and the left are having fun with the “story” about Trump saying he wanted to throw out the Constitution. But…c’mon, man. Is that really what you think he was saying? Really? I suppose it could just be me but that’s not the way I understood him. In fact, it’s the exact opposite of what he said and/or meant. It just is. He said, “A massive fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles even those found in the Constitution.” That’s what he said. Those were his words. (According to CNN.) But they’ve been taken out of context to reverse his intent.

Now look, the topic, itself, is and – always has been – pure bullshit. His subject is the “stolen election.” HE knows he’s lying through his stupid teeth when he talks about it but his deluded, dare I say “deranged,” acolytes don’t know it at all. But what Trump is saying is that if the DemocRATS can steal the election, ostensibly by ignoring rules, they can disregard ANY rule at ANY time. HE is accusing DEMOCRATS of wanting to destroy the Constitution, or worse, having done so already. He did not advocate eliminating the Constitution – in this instance.

In a larger sense, his entire Big Lie about the stolen election is about abolishing the Constitution and his invoking an insurrection at the Capitol in an effort to overturn the process as dictated in the Constitution certainly belies his willingness to uphold the Constitution. His ACTIONS clearly indicate he’s willing to abandon the Constitution if doing so will help himself. But he did not say so at that rally.

There’s nothing about Donald Trump I like or admire. He IS the embodiment of the Seven Deadly Sins. He’s a waste of human flesh. He’s the very worst of the worst of the very effing worst. I only mention all that so you believe me when I write that I do not want to have to defend Donald J. Trump in any way at any time. WE DON’T NEED TO MAKE SHIT UP IN ORDER TO MAKE HIM LOOK BAD! He gives us all the evidence we need, all day, every day. Let’s stick to the real stuff, shall we? Please?

The worst part? He’s already out there telling his deranged adherents the left is floating a fake news story about him again – and they ARE! Now they have something real to point to. It gives his base an honest example of fake news against him. Sure, they’ll still make ’em up but for now they don’t have to. So, spike the story, okay?

Let’s focus on the NY State tax fraud. And the theft of classified government documents. And the election interference in Georgia. And his orchestration of the January 6th coup attempt. And his complete collapse with the pandemic because he disbanded the pandemic assessment team. And his corporation’s tax fraud. And his cozy relationship with Putin and other evil world leaders. And his association with white “supremacists” and other racists of, interestingly, all races. (He’s an equal opportunity racist? Get your arms around THAT!) And the other, Federal, tax fraud and all the other real, honest, legitimate things he does.

I’ll tell you this: The left is simply handing a weapon to the right in the culture wars and I think that’s stupid…

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