Rinse and Repeat and Repeat and Repeat…

One can only wonder how many more times the Dumbass will be able to scam his self-blinded believers into giving him some more of their money. His latest scam is NFT trading cards. NFT is the abbreviation for a Non-Fungible Token. It’s basically a blockchain, like cryptocurrency, which should tell you something about it’s value and dependability for future gains. Sure enough, as the cryptocurrency craze has crashed, so have NFTs. So, naturally, that’s when trump steps in – and his acolytes all jump in and give him $99 for each photo showing him doing things he never has done, never will do, never could do. Curiously, all of them are just his head superimposed onto drawings of a thin guy with ripped abs, doing “manly” things. To me, they seem kind of reminiscent of the various photos we see of Putin doing “manly” things with his shirt off.

In addition to the fantasy photos, the cards are sold along with a promise. If you buy one, you’re automatically entered into a contest to win certain prizes. Dinner or a Zoom call with trump, that kind of thing. Apparently, the fine print says that the “dinner with trump” is really just an invitation to one of his fundraising rallies and the Zoom call is a group thing – and NONE of it is necessarily going to happen at all. The “win” is predicated on “validation and eligibility verification.” Oh, AND you don’t even get to select the card you like. You give the Dumbass your hard-earned money and the card is randomly generated. Apparently, some are more valuable than others and the folks running the program created several of the most valuable for themselves before the first offering and are keeping them, making them less available to the gullible buyers. Reports say they are hard to buy and hard to access. The buying process sends the cards to the wrong place. If you’re very good with a computer, they can be found. If you’re an “old” who doesn’t quite get “the internets,” you might think the process failed and try buying again – a scam within a scam…

Sure, it’s a swindle – let’s call it trumpery – but it’s yet another he won’t go to jail over. In the fine print, they make clear that these things actually have no value and he’s not making any claims they do. Each one had a value of $99.00 to him, though. According to the news, they sold out in a day but 1) we don’t know who bought them and 2) they seem to have irritated more cons than they ingratiated him to them. One of his previous supporters – a guy going to prison after participating in trump’s Capitol assault on January 6th – sent out a tweet saying he couldn’t believe he’s going to jail for an NFT salesman. (I’d bet his family and/or friends tried to warn him…)

The Dumbass Don announced his presidential bid as quickly as he could after the November elections. He only waited on that announcement because the Republicans were paying his legal bills and threatened to stop if he announced before the election. They tried to get him to wait until after the Georgia run-off but trump wouldn’t wait. He thinks he’s protecting himself from his criminal activities by running for president so he threw his hat in the ring. He’s done a few “campaign appearances” in conservative media but he’s not exactly on the campaign trail. As of December 8 of this year, he’s had NO rallies and doesn’t even have a campaign manager. He DID have a much publicized lunch with not one but TWO well-known racists, his company has been found guilty of tax fraud, officials keep finding classified documents that he stole from the White House and the January 6th committee looks all set to recommend at least three charges against him after their extensive investigation.

I’ll tell you this: the whole “we don’t jail ex-presidents for political reasons” thing has gone too far. If we don’t jail THIS ex-president, what little remains of the facade of “the rule of law” will collapse completely…


Most of the people who understand things know by now that the NRA uses the term “responsible gun owner” as a euphemism for “gun owner” whether that person is “responsible” or not. Then, when one of them snaps and goes on a mass-murder spree, they try to distance themselves from that, particular, “responsible gun owner.” Last July, some “responsible gun owner” opened fire on a July 4th parade in Illinois and killed seven people and injured dozens of others. Now the nut-ball’s father, Robert Crimo, Jr, is facing felony charges for helping the mentally disturbed shooter get the gun in the first place. Lake County State’s Attorney, Eric Rinehart, said the father was criminally reckless when he sponsored his son’s application to get a gun. The kid had issues. Everyone who knew the kid, knew the kid had issues. The dad signed the form anyway.

For me? It’s a welcome trend. It started in Michigan after some teen-aged “responsible gun owner” killed four of his classmates in a school shooting. The parents were charged with involuntary manslaughter for buying their kid a gun despite knowing he was disturbed. Now the father of this Illinois shooter is charged, as well. I hope the trend continues and the enablers go to jail along with their disturbed children…


I’ve got to say, I’m glad the Dems passed the Defense of Marriage Act ensuring gay marriage is here to stay for as long a the act remains in tact. I wish they had done the same for Roe v Wade but, apparently, couldn’t be bothered. They were busy, instead, passing a defense spending bill that gave the Pentagon $50 billion dollars MORE than they had asked for. (“Looks like honest government to me.” he said facetiously…)

Another thing they COULD have done, but didn’t, was pass a spending resolution that was so high the incoming cons couldn’t hold the country hostage to financial demands for a year or two. Now, though, we’ll have to endure threats (and realities) of government shutdowns until more tax cuts are passed for the wealthy – harming America – and social services are slashed again – harming America. It’s the Republican way to comfort the comfortable and afflict the afflicted.

I’ll tell you this: something you might want to remember, every tick UP of the Dow Index is a tick DOWN of the economic health of this once-great nation…

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