MAGA Crazy…

I know people who go to concerts performed by…um…yesterday’s bands and want to hear only the songs they first heard 40 or 50 years ago. I know musicians that play the music that was popular when they learned to play and rarely, if ever, play anything that came out after, say, 1979. So, I “get” the phenomenon of people preferring to hear what they heard before. If you’re a con, that means going to a Former Guy rally and listening to his paranoid rants about how everyone is out to get him and everyone else is out to get any con they can. He just had a rally and, apparently, he “played” all of his hits: ‘Mexicans are bad people,’ ‘The Commies Are Coming,’ and his hit, ‘Nobody Can Negotiate But Me.’

For me, I like listening to the oldies. There’s some good stuff there. But I think new stuff is good, too. Former Guy played to a room of about 500 but insisted there were “thousands” just outside the doors. You know, where no one could see them. It’s hard to believe people still come out for his shtick. He gave tribute to his most enduring hit: “Waaa, I won!” and his fans ate it up.

The thing is, I see people counting him out in the media nearly every day but I also remember people counting him out, over and over, during the run-up to the 2016 election. Then he won. I still think the base for Former Guy is shrinking but I also think that if he can manage to wrangle the nomination again, they’ll just swallow what little pride they may have left and vote for him anyway. (In their tiny little minds, it’s “anyone but Biden.”) I still remember January 6th, 2021.

If the cons are stupid enough to put him back into the Oval Office – and they are – he won’t leave. Remember how close he came to not leaving the last time? One of the tales cons tell is that he stole the classified documents he stole “accidentally” because there was so little time for him to prepare to move out of the White House. Actually, he had nearly three months. He just squandered that time trying to prove reality was false and fake was real. Hell, he’s still trying to prove it.

By now, there are only two possibilities: one, he truly believes he won. That makes him delusional and dangerous. Two, he knows darn good and well he didn’t win but sticks to his fraudulent story anyway. That makes him calculating and dangerous. Either way, he’s dangerous. I don’t know why nobody (with the power to do so) anywhere in this once-great nation has invoked the 14th Amendment prohibition against him ever holding public office again. The fact that we can’t or won’t protect ourselves from a known, wanna-be dictator is stunning to the mind.

I’ve read many articles about all the legal troubles he faces. I see people all around him going to jail, one after the other. I see Former slithering through every instance seemingly with ease. His “organization” was recently found guilty of tax fraud. The company was fined $1.8 million dollars. But Former can pick that up from his supporters in a day. The struggling work-a-day lackeys will pay the business genius’s fines happily – even when it means eating cat food for the rest of the month. (They really are not deep thinkers…)

This country – hell, the entire world – watched his orchestrated coup attempt unfold on January 6th. Anybody but a MAGA loyalist knows about the crimes committed. The January 6th commission laid them bare – on television. The fact that nobody seems able to do anything about it is rather embarrassing – and super frustrating – to sane Americans. Cons immediately started denying the events of January 6th. It’s gotten so bad, they now insist there’s not even such a thing as a ‘January 6th’ on a calendar. We jump straight from January 5th to January 7th. They all know it. January 6th is just a liberal plot.

I think the MAGA cons are terrified, delusional little people – but they’re dangerous. The very fact that they have so successfully rejected facts and verifiable information while so readily embracing delusions makes them impossible to reason with. Just yesterday, I wrote about the frothing cops who murdered Tyre Nichols. He tried reason. I wrote that those cops were locked in a pack mentality. At the risk of violating Godwin’s Law, I see in the MAGA cons the same froth for their guy as the brown shirts of 1930’s Germany. The brown shirts were locked-in, too. Wrong about every detail, ready to murder for their wrongheadedness. Pack mentality. Reason had no place for them, either. Now the MAGA cons are doing the same and, make no mistake, they’re being groomed to become the same frothing pack that rears it’s ugly head from time to time. We saw it once on January 6th – and that was just the Overture. There’s plenty more crazy to behold. All they need is their dear leader to unleash them. What makes you think he won’t?

I’ll tell you this: If we let this crazy sumbitch anywhere near the levers of power ever again, we get what we deserve.


Holy Gods. Speaking of crazy cons, this David DePape guy is a classic. He’s the guy who attacked Paul Pelosi with a hammer – right in front of the cops. (Look, believing in the “evil” of Nancy Pelosi is bad enough. Going to her house is over the top. Attacking her husband with a hammer is outrageous. But doing it right in front of the cops? On a police body-cam? Well, that’s just downright stupid…)

DePape is in jail now and, I suspect, will be for a long time to come. On the day the body-cam footage was released, he called in to KTVU, a local television station. He said he had an important message for America. “You’re welcome!” Then he apologized and said that what he did was “really bad.” But as he rambled on, it became clear that the “really bad” part was that he hadn’t been more prepared. In his pea-brain, his error was in not getting “more of them.” His nearly-coherent rant touched on several of the preferred MAGA con talking points, not one of which is true. He actually believes himself an effing patriot! If I may quote Bugs Bunny, “What a maroon…”


I’ve got to say, I’m so excited about today’s Niners @ Eagles match-up I can barely contain myself. I can only imagine how excited the players, themselves, must be. (Makes sense. They’re doing all the work.) It promises to be one of the best football games ever. These two teams are very well matched. As nearly as I can tell, there’s only one area where there’s any separation between them. The Niners have a great running game. The Eagles have an average run defense. Hell, even the experts can’t really pick a winner. The Eagles are a 2.5 point favorite. The thing is, teams usually get a three point boost for playing at home. If the Eagles got a three point boost but the line is only 2.5 points, the Niners appear to be a .5 point favorite. That’s not a lot.

There’s an old saying in football: “Offense sells tickets but defense wins championships.” The Niners have the number one defense in the league. But guess who’s got the number two defense? Yep, the Eagles. The Eagles have a pro-bowl level Quarterback and the Niners have a rookie. That should – in most cases absolutely would – guarantee an Eagles advantage. (I’m sure it’s one of the things folks are focused on in Philly.) But the rookie in this case is Brock Purdy. Yeah, he’s a rookie. But he’s also already knocking down some of Joe Montana’s early records. So far, he’s played brilliantly. I’d bet Purdy is the de facto starter going forward…

Listen, I’ve been a football fan since Jesus wore short pants. Anything can happen in these games. Sometimes, what pencils out as a great game falls flat for some reason. It could happen, here, too, and if it does, so be it. But I’m expecting a great game. I wouldn’t bet on it, though. It’s just too close in too many ways to pick a winner I’d put my hard-earned money on. But I’m pulling for the Niners…

I’m also pulling for the Bengals over the Chiefs. I’d like to see a Stupor Bowl rematch between the Niners and Bengals.

Whatever happens, it’s been a great season. It’s been lots of fun watching these boys play. I hope every player on all four teams come away healthy and I hope I get to watch my Niners play two more games this season, today and in Arizona in two weeks…

The answer is yes. I AM ready for some football…