Ah, the “Rules…”

I can just imagine the behind-the-scenes texts between the various hosts at Fox Not-News:

Hannity: “Hey, just told the rubes that bank crashed because it was woke!”
Carlson: “Ha, ha. LOL”
Hannity: “No, really. It just popped into my head and I said it”
Ingram: “Well, how is a bank ‘woke’?”
Hannity: “What, you want me to tell them it’s the direct result of deregulation?”
Ingram: “Of course not. Tucker’s already made clear that if we tell them the truth we lose viewers.”
Carlson: “Yeah, we couldn’t tell them the truth even if we wanted to.”
Kilmeade: “Which we don’t.”
Hannity: “Right. ‘Woke’ is as good a whipping boy as anything else.”
Liasson: “What if we just told them it was deregulation and poor decisions in the corporate board room?”
Carlson: “Someone get that bitch fired right now! I can just feel the stock crashing!”
Liasson: “No, I’ll keep to the script on air, I was just wondering.”
Bartiromo: “Well stick a pin in it, pinhead! That bank was woke!”
Ingram: “You think they’ll believe that?”
Hannity: “Of course they’ll believe it. They believe anything I tell them.”

They do, too. I don’t know how stupid a person has to be to keep watching an outlet that has been proven in court to be pants-on-fire liars but it looks like we’re all going to get a chance to find out…


I’ve got to say, I’ve always like the idea of the International Criminal Court (ICC). I wish it was real. I mean, I know there really is such a thing. I just also know that it has no teeth and no power and is therefore a concept art piece more than any kind of actual court. The papers are making a big deal (or trying to) about the ICC issuing an arrest warrant for that putz Putin for war crimes in his invasion of Ukraine. That’ll show ’em.

Remember when the ICC issued an arrest warrant for Bush 43 for his war crimes in Iraq? I’m not sure George has even noticed and I know he’s still running around, perfectly free, down there in Texas somewhere.
“Hey, Vlad. It’s me, George. Are you worried about that warrant?”
“It fell out window…”

Oh, well. Thanks for trying, ICC, but it looks like the world is going to have to find some other way of stopping Putin…


Speaking of arrests not made, I’ve been hearing a LOT of chatter, recently, about just how close various law enforcement agencies are to, you know, maybe, if you wouldn’t mind, perhaps considering possibly actually charging Donald Trump with some of the crimes he’s committed around the country? If it’s not too much trouble, I mean…

Every thinking American knows most of the details of the crimes of Former Guy. We’ve watched him, over and over, stall, scapegoat, and slither out of harm’s way so many times, I’m not sure I believe they’ll ever bring him to justice. Sure, they could. But there has to be the will to do so and, so far, I haven’t seen it.

I mean…I understand. There’s a process to building a case. Sure, if one is about to indict an ex-President one needs to be very, very careful about their information in a way said ex was not. These things take time. But…OMG! It’s been over two years since Former committed his crimes, in public, on video, in front of the whole world. (Also in private on tape during phone calls.) From time to time there’s a flurry of speculation about indictments being just around the corner. So far? Crickets. (Apparently, it’s a LONG corner…)

You can file me perfectly in the ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’ file. But maybe, just maybe, 45 believes it. He apparently made a post on his stupid social media platform that suggests he thinks he’s going to be arrested this coming Tuesday. Not indicted, arrested. (He may not know the difference…)

I’d be happy with either one but like I said, I’ll believe it when I see it. I’ll tell you this: every day that goes by and this guy walks free is another day I lose faith in the so-called ‘rule of law…’