Setting the Example…

So…Clarence Thomas, the conservative ideologue adding MUCH corruption to the Roberts Supremely Kangaroo Court (along with his wife) stands accused of not reporting gifts from a wealthy real estate guy who lives in Texas named Harlan Crow. Thomas claims he was advised by his fellows on the court that the kinds of gifts he was receiving, flights on private jets, vacations in exotic locations, and yacht trips didn’t have to be reported because they were a matter of “personal hospitality.” Okay. But the law says they ARE supposed to be reported. Funny how the Kangaroos never seem to know the actual law.

An ostensible Supreme Court Justice, too stupid to know the law? You’d have to be Clarence Thomas to even try to pull off that defense but, in point of fact, it’s really quite savvy. (Someone on his team came up with something good, there.) You see, because he IS Clarence Thomas, as least “too stupid to know better” is believable.

Mr. Crow tried to help his “friend” by claiming that he had never talked to Thomas about court proceedings or lower cases and has not had business before the court. He MAY have forgotten to mention the half-million dollars he donated to a tea-bagger group founded by Ginnie Thomas, wife of the corrupt pseudo-justice. The group paid Mrs. Thomas $120,000 a year. It likely slipped his mind. He likely also forgot he sits on the board of the horrifying, America-hating American Enterprise Institute, a group which has offered multiple amicus briefs before the court. Mr. Crow has held that position since 1996, the very same year Thomas ascended to the court and the year – I’m sure it’s all a coincidence – Crow and Thomas first became “friends.”

Yeah, both Crow and Thomas likely just forgot all of that. I mean, it’s either that or both men are lying, right? Heaven forfend! So, his defense makes him look like a lying fool. He didn’t know he had to report bribes. But here’s a question: what does Thomas’s “defense” say about his fellows on the court?

I’ll tell you this: if Thomas really was advised by his fellows on the court that such brib…er…”extravagant gifts” don’t need to be reported, I want to know what kinds of wonderful “gifts” the other Kangaroos aren’t reporting, don’t you?


Ah, Tennessee. Recently, several people were shot to death at a school there. Three of them were nine-year-olds. Naturally, nobody is going to do anything about it. This is America. But, some selfish students – thinking only of themselves and not the feelings of the weapons in question – protested the public choice to send our kids to school with a “Good luck! You’re on your own.” attitude and three Democratic lawmakers from the Tennessee State House took part. They supported the kid’s position that going to school shouldn’t involve getting shot to death. (See? Selfish! I mean, consider the guns!) Republican lawmakers in the same State House really didn’t like the three exercising their First Amendment rights. They’re all for the Second Amendment but, really, none of the others.

Republicans have used their majority to remove two of the “offenders” from their elected positions in the state government. I presume they just wanted to show the world what a politically motivated “witch hunt” actually looks like. The third one managed to stay. Personally, I think the reason they dumped the two they dumped is as clear as day. It can’t JUST be that the “offenders” are Democrats. All three of them are Democrats but only two were removed. But those two, in particular, have something else in common. Yes, both men are black but I suspect the REAL reason is this: BOTH men are called Justin. Justin Jones and Justin Peterson. See? They even spell it the same.

I’ll tell you this: Tennessee’s anti-Justin attitude is getting to be a bigger problem with each passing day…


I remember, even if you don’t, when Roe v Wade was overturned by the clearly corrupted Roberts Kangaroo Court. People started protesting outside of some of the ideological pseudo-justices houses. The protestors kept moving (they had to) but didn’t go away. That’s kind of important because there’s a law that says you can’t set up camp outside a judge’s home in an effort to affect political change. The cons, happy about the successful assault on women, defended the Kangaroos and were quick to pronounce the protests illegal.

Fast forward only a couple of years and now the cons are actively threatening the life of the District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, and the Judge, Juan Merchan, in the case against 45. Oh, yeah, I mean the one about cooking his company’s books to cover up his hush money payments to the women he was screwing instead of his wife, Melania. You know, the one in which he’s been charged with 34* felony counts? Yeah, that one.

Threatening the life of a sitting judge because you don’t like that he’s hearing the case? I guess the cons see that as a “less than” when it comes to peaceful protests outside of a judge’s house… They’re WAY okay with it…

But, Republicans currently control the House of Representatives. I think they suspect their time is limited and they only have a very short turn-around time to destroy the integrity and respectability of that once-august body, so they issued a subpoena to a former prosecutor from Bragg’s office.

They’ve been so loud-mouthed about witch hunts and political prosecutions. Once again, they apparently just wanted to show us all what a politically motivated witch hunt actually looks like. Helpful…


I don’t exactly feel sorry for Melania. She knew what she was signing on for and I’m sure she’s well paid to continue playing her role. But do you remember (you might have to be an “old”) but do you remember when Bill Clinton was caught cheating on his wife? There arose a loud chorus of “Hillary should leave him!” largely from the right. She didn’t, of course, but she had to put up with all of that for a long time and still has to endure reminders as cons and late-night hosts like to remind everybody about Monica from time to time. Comedy gold, I guess.

Now it’s Melania having to endure the public humiliation of being cheated on. For some reason, I haven’t heard any calls for her to leave him. I wonder. Why not? If Hillary should have left Bill for cheating, shouldn’t Melania leave Donnie for the same thing? In fairness, Melania has withdrawn and is not out in public much but the “marriage” continues. My guess is, background negotiations are ongoing. We’ll see Melania in public again once some new, bigger numbers are agreed to. Word of advice for her, though. Get the cash up front. He’s notorious for not paying his debts…


  • Oops. In a typo, I wrote 43 felonies instead of the proper 34. It has been corrected and MyBaconPress regrets the error…

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