Well, color ME shocked. I didn’t even know this Roberts Supremely Kangaroo Court could get anything right anymore. But they did. Well, at least temporarily. Preserving access to Mifepristone is the right move and, for now, that’s what they’ve done. I guess they’ve earned a temporary, collective “atta-boy!” (I feel like, since I’m going to bitch when they do their normal, stupid stuff, I should give them props when they do something right…)


This court has done everything in it’s power to eliminate ALL pretense of respectability. It’s obviously not just the oh-so-horribly bad decisions, either. Taking bribes? Yeah, bad look. Not doing anything about it when one of yours is caught dead-to-rights? Ah…

I’ll tell you this: Complete lack of legitimacy seems to be the goal of the cons on the court. Well, in that case, I guess they get another “atta-boy” for achieving their evil goal…


I’ve seen many a high-profile politician throw their hats into a presidential race only to flame out spectacularly. It seems as though the first to falter in this race is Ronda Santis. He was going to be the biggest threat to 45 we had ever seen. Instead, he decided to run on a battle with Mickey Mouse and the incredibly unpopular war on women being waged via the abortion battle. Toss in his war on knowledge and his insane concerns about the clothes people wear and, well, the picture of crazy seems complete.

Besides, he’s short. No, I don’t mean to insult any who might be “height-challenged.” I read, once, that one of the factors Americans use to choose their next “leaders” is height. Taller has an edge over shorter. I’m sure it’s important, somehow, and I’m glad to see Americans making the hard choices with quality details. (Ahem…)

Sometimes, it looks like some politician does something SO stupid it seems it must have been planned. Battling with Mickey and pressing one of the most unpopular issues currently being fought in this once great nation seems like one of those. Yes, the cons love a pseudo-fighter, a tough-talking, pretend tough-guy. But you’ve got to hate the right people to please the people on the right. Mickey ain’t it. I mean, Hunter Biden is still out there. Why not just attack him over and over? It works for Fox Not-News. But, no. The mouse it shall be. True genius…

So, DeSantis is already yesterday’s news and there don’t seem to be any other real challengers out there to 45 on the right so, unless someone invokes the 14th amendment blocking insurrectionists from holding public office (they could, it’s right in the Constitution), 45 will get the nod again.

I’m going to say, “good.” I know (and worry) people took a dismissive attitude toward the Former Guy during the 2016 race. I was one of them. I didn’t really believe the portrait he was painting of himself. It seemed…too extreme, too “pat” – a practiced conservative ignorance that correctly hit every conservative “issue.” My mind just couldn’t grasp that such a complete moron could ever, under any circumstances, get to be the President of the United States of America. I wouldn’t believe such an incompetent fool could be the president of the local dog-walking group.

So, I confess, I didn’t take him seriously. Truthfully, I still don’t but I believe the danger now and won’t take him lightly. There were a lot of people like me at the time and many or most of those have also come to see that we no longer have an actual choice in presidential races. We vote against whomever is the worst choice, not for our preference for the best and that’s that. Sad but true…

I’ll tell you this: 45 is an actual and honest threat to America and he needs to be stopped by every legal means available in our system -if there are any left. (There are, but will the “opposition” use them?)


Hey, five NFL players have been suspended for betting on sports! WOW, who could have guessed THAT might happen? I mean, really, who…you know, besides, well, everyone? We’re assured – by the NFL – there were no bets by players on games they were playing in and no evidence of any game tampering. “No evidence?” Is that because the very powerful NFL has made certain there is “no evidence?” One guy bet on a different league but did it on his phone in his team’s clubhouse. Apparently, HIS offense was where he placed the bet – despite the fact that stadiums are starting to house sports books right on their premises.

I’m not opposed to gambling, per se, but the leagues, all of the leagues, need to go back to the zero-tolerance rule for anybody connected to professional sports. One strike and you’re out – forever. Gambling players, coaches, referees, team owners, hell even cheerleaders, gives the game a dirty look. In the NFL particularly, the officiating is often so bad, people regularly speculate out loud as to whether the refs took bribes to call games in one way or another. Now, with actual money on the line?

I’ll tell you this: The temptation will be more than many people can contain. The games, all of the games, will be pretty quickly tainted by this and professional sports in general could well devolve to Big Time Wrestling respect levels…

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