Just Words…

When it comes to conservatives, every accusation they make is a confession. Case in point? We’ve been listening, like it or not, to cons complain about election rigging and stolen elections and just about every kind of election chicanery they can think of. No, there’s never proof, just words. Cons don’t need no stinkin’ proof…

But now, Ron DuhSantis has signed into law a bill releasing him from obligations under Florida law regarding running for office while holding a different office. The idea, apparently, is to either focus on your job or your campaign but don’t try to do both. NOW, suddenly, that’s okay if you’re, say, the Governor and you want to run for, oh, I don’t know…say…President of the United States. Because, really, how important is the job of Governor anyway? That particular bill also included a bunch of new voting restrictions because conservatives HATE that people get to vote. Well, some people…

Oh, he ALSO signed a bill that allows him to avoid reporting who visits him in his office or mansion or who travels with him AND he doesn’t have to report past or future travel anymore, either. Why, after all, would anybody need to know who travels or meets with the Governor of the Grating State of Floriduh? Transparency, Smansparency! (My spell check is hating this bit…)


This is just my opinion but I think it’s time to relegate the Republicans to the same trash bin as the nation once – correctly – relegated the extremist Libertarians. Americans like the euphemism “two party system” but America is NOT a two party system. (I actually agree with Noam Chomsky that America has only one party: the Business Party with two factions, one called ‘Republicans’ and the other called ‘Democrats’ but that’s a different bit…)

America has lots of political parties. It’s just that most of them represent extreme views and most Americans aren’t really into extreme views so those parties don’t get much attention or traction. There was an extremist arm of the Republican party called the John Birch Society that thought the Republicans had become too centrist. There ideas were eventually picked up by what became the Libertarian Party and broke away from the Republicans. But they were too extreme.

David Koch ran for vice president on the Libertarian ticket in 1980. He knew he wasn’t going to win but he pumped over $2 million of his own dollars into the campaign anyway. Predictably, he got his ass handed to him. So his brother Charles conceived a plan. They began using their vast wealth to undermine American values at every turn.

They funded seats in colleges and created pseudo-think tanks (better called “stink tanks”) to inject misinformation and disinformation into the body politic. They started buying news outlets and having those outlets deliver their anti-American information. They enlisted help from other wealthy fascists and spread the money around, always in the service of promoting wrong ideas. Then, they re-infected the once-respected Republican party and, well, you likely know the rest.

Now the Republicans represent pretty much the very worst of humanity, the very problems this country had largely overcome, and are moving us backwards at an alarming rate. Honestly, I can’t, off the top of my head, think of a single positive thing the cons say about America, these days. I mean, sure, they wrap themselves in the flag and SCREAM “patriotism” but those are just words. Based on their actions, they hate everything about the US Constitution except the 2nd Amendment, which they don’t understand.

They talk “freedom” but the freedom they want is the freedom to deny YOU freedom. No, you don’t get to manage your own reproduction. Leave that to rich old men in Washington, DC. No, you don’t get to express your authentic self. Too scary. No, you don’t get to read what you want to read. You don’t get to learn what your college professor thinks is important for you to learn.

You don’t have the freedom to pursue life, liberty nor happiness, lest you interfere with some gun rights advocates freedom to kill you where you stand for the “crime” of needing milk or going to school or whatever other daily activity in which you might engage. You don’t get to let your children BE children. Get their little asses to work. And you, too. You DO have the “freedom” to produce wealth for the boss for whatever pittance the boss feels like handing out in his largess. (Say ‘Thank you…’)

These are all things prominent on the conservative agenda. None of them are paranoid rants – the Republicans are doing, or trying to do – ALL of them. I haven’t even mentioned their dedication to tax cuts for the wealthy or “deregulation” – the conservative euphemism for “let corporations do whatever they want.”

Thinking Americans have been watching the process play out, slowly and in stealth, for over 40 years now. But it’s not in stealth mode anymore. The evidence is everywhere and it’s undeniable and there’s only one way to stop it: never vote Republican. The Republicans have proven, beyond question, they are opposed to the American way of life and they want something worse, something FAR more brutal to the majority.

I’ll tell you this: The MAGA cons don’t know any of this but then, these are people who think 45 did a good job and Biden is doing a bad job so…what do they know? They’ll vote Republican. But no one else should. Ever.