The Psychology of Comey…

As it happens, I believe FBI Director James Comey when he says he didn’t coordinate his statement with anybody else.  I think if he had, some…re-writes would have been in order.  I seriously doubt he would have been allowed to make the statement he made the way he made it.  He was very clear about which laws Hillary has broken.  He was quite clear about all the various and sundry ways in which she broke them.  Then he just asserts no prosecutor would prosecute and runs from the podium.  (Ok, he wasn’t running, per se.  It was more like speed walking but he was clearly “aggressively unavailable”.)

Now, I’m no psychologist so it would be a mistake to consider this some kind of authoritative analysis but go with me, here.  It seems clear to me that some edict (ultimatum?) came down from on high that Comey was to be “Powelled”.  That is, his honorable reputation was to be sacrificed in service to “the goal”, whatever it may be.  (In Colin’s case the goal was to start George’s Wars.  In Comey’s case the goal is to install the corporate candidate…)

I can’t speak to the kind of inducements that might cause a person to go along with such things but people do, often, go along as instructed.  Comey knew he was going to accept his fate and recommend as instructed and the weak excuse that no prosecutor would prosecute was probably just the suggested cover story.  It doesn’t have to be true or even make sense, as in this case.  After all, prosecutors prosecute mishandling of classified information on a regular basis so that particular bit of pablum isn’t even worth wasting time covering.  The corporate media just needs a cover story to pound away on until enough people are out there parroting the lines…

But…Comey’s not stupid.  He knew that not only was his personal reputation being “Powelled”, he was crapping on his entire agency.  He was crapping on each of his agents, but most of all, he was crapping on the agents who participated directly in the investigation and who know that Clinton broke the law casually and repeatedly.

I think that’s why he was so careful to point out what a great job his team did by showing in such detail which laws Clinton broke and in exactly how she broke them.  He was defending his team – making clear without saying so specifically that they have what they need to prosecute because the agents involved did their job well.  Perhaps he’s hoping it will be viewed by his agents as a noble gesture to fall on his sword like that but it’s too late.  His command authority has been completely dismantled.  (Prediction: James Comey won’t be the Director of the FBI for too much longer…)

If you’ve been relying on the corporate media to tell you what Comey said, you’d be better off watching for yourself…


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