Clinton vs. Stein…

Generally speaking, it seems to me that Sanders supporters who still plan to participate have broken into two camps: those who plan to vote their principles and those who have taken a calculated position.  The calculated position is that we must all unite behind a single candidate or Trump might win so they overlook Hillary’s shortcomings like an abused spouse overlooks the occasional beating – because they fear the alternative.  I understand.  It’s not a position I can “get behind” but I do understand.

As an observation, I find it interesting that the DNC went to so much trouble to install a candidate who is so reviled and so unpopular she might not beat the caricature of evil that is Donald Trump but for our purposes, let’s just agree that Trump is a non-starter.  The topic is not Trump vs. Clinton.  The topic is Clinton vs. Stein.

Based on the available evidence, I believe Hillary will serve, in this order, A) herself, first and foremost, B) the corporations that own her and then, C) maybe, if there’s time and it doesn’t conflict with a) or b) above, “average Americans”.  The reality is that Hillary has already harmed me – and you, by the way.  All of us by undermining Democracy in America and me, personally, because I donated to the Sanders campaign under the false belief that the primary was an honest opportunity for people to choose from the available options though we know, now, that Hillary was “selected” before the first vote was cast.

The only argument I’ve seen against Stein is that “she can’t win”.  That’s called a circular argument and it’s a logical fallacy.  She “can’t win” only because people don’t vote for her because she “can’t win” because people don’t vote for her.  See?  It’s an argument that depends upon itself.  The moment we all unite behind her, she CAN win – just like Hillary, right?

I can not, in good conscience, vote for Hillary.  But the position voters just want to unite behind a candidate to ensure Trump loses so why not unite behind Jill Stein?  It’s a win-win.  Principle voters get to maintain their principles and position voters get the unity they seek – hell, they even get to still cast their vote for a woman…

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