Thoughts on the New (Old) America…

I’ve got to get my predictions out now because, honestly, predictions are FAR less impressive after the events predicted (see Nostradamus…)

I don’t think Trump is going to last very long as President.  So far, everyone (me, included) has been completely wrong about Trump so this is a big risk, predicting something about him.  Still, I think sooner or later, his big, bold “screw convention” style is going to run into some big, bold “conflict of interest” law…

This is not a good thing.  Mike Pence is – if such a thing is possible – worse.  Nobody really knows what Trump thinks about, well anything, really, but we all know about Pence…

My other prediction is that the economy is about to crash in a big way.  For clarity, “about to” is within 24 months of the inauguration.  It’s sort of the conservative way.  So be careful.  Now is NOT the time to take chances, financially.

These next two years will see the end of The New Deal, forcing most Americans back into the Old Deal.  The thing is, most Americans struggled mightily under the Old Deal.  You’ve heard of the social safety net?  Most of that stems directly from the New Deal.

I’ll tell you this: I think many, many Americans are about to have a “come to Jesus” moment in which they begin to understand that the New Deal wasn’t so bad, after all…

One thought on “Thoughts on the New (Old) America…

  1. I think we can it a general idea of what Trump is thinking with a little research. He has made a habit of grabbing media attention for years; ignore the campaign rhetoric look at what he has said throughout his life…and it isn’t good. I had a good debate with my son-in-law just this past weekend and he is under the impression that Trump isn’t a threat because “The President doesn’t really have any power and there are too many checks and balances.” It sort of reminded me of the stories that were told about Hitler’s rise to power…too many germans dismissed his insane ideas when he was just a crazy voice in a large crowd. Over and over again, they said he and his crazy ideas couldn’t happen in their country because no one person was that power. I’m not comparing Trump to Hitler except to say, I think it is naive to say he is harmless because he is “just one man.” or “there are too many checks and balances.” All a single man needs is to convince enough people that he has a plan, it will make “the little man’s” life better and he won’t be a “single man” for long. All of middle America voted for the man, despite plenty of evidence that he won’t be good for the middle or low income people in the country. Words from his own mouth showing his low opinion of women, his racist ideas. I could go on but frankly, to dwell on it is too overwhelming and depressing. I don’t trust the man and am sincerely concerned about what he is going to do us. And I don’t think he will be out in 2 years; there are just too many people that are blind to who he is and now he has the power he needs to really cover shit up….we are going to have to suffer this man for entire 4.

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