Acting President Pence?

Do these three pieces of information fit together?

I’ve seen stories here and there the last few days suggesting that Melania won’t be moving into the White House anytime soon and that even the Donald only plans to be there part-time…

There was a story from Slate during the campaign that the Trump camp contacted a John Kasich advisor to see if Kasich was interested in being Trump’s VP.  The caller, reportedly Donald, Jr., told the advisor that Trump’s VP would be in charge of domestic AND foreign policy.  The advisor asked what Trump would be doing.  “Making America great again”, was the answer.

Now, he’s not even attending intelligence briefings.  Apparently, he’s leaving that to Pence…

So…just connecting dots, here: The President-elect doesn’t intend to be at his primary job site (the White House), isn’t attending intelligence briefings, and we’ve already heard one rumor that he plans to put his VP in charge, are we REALLY preparing for the Mike Pence administration?

I’ll tell you this: I never really believed Trump in his role as bat-shit crazy Republican.  But I believe Pence…

One thought on “Acting President Pence?


    When I read the stories about him only being at the white house part time, my first thought, “Be fair. Have other presidents done this?” He is such a stunningly lazy attitude towards his rather important job that I have begun first asking, “Has this happened with past presidents?” Only because his shit is so unbelievably, mind blowing obsence.

    The part of this that HAS happened in the past is our vice pres acting as our defacto pres–Reagon, Bush 2.

    So much of Trump’s upcoming term is bad news this feels like one more piece of crap on the growing pile. Thinking people already knew Pence was going to be making all of the decisions.


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