The Misdirect…

I’ve seen several op-eds (always op-eds, so…no facts required) suggesting how horrible it is that the Russians managed to influence the American “election”.  I think it’s a distraction, a misdirect, brought to you by the DNC as part of their multi-pronged effort to pretend they didn’t manipulate the primary with disastrous results.

The part we’re not supposed to think about?  How easy it was for the Russians to find so much damning evidence on Hillary and her supporters.  It’s all, “Look what the Russians did” and absolutely NO “Look what Hillary did”, “Look what the DNC did”, or “Look what Podesta did”.  (See, it’s three scandals centered around emails, not ONE “email scandal”…)

They’re basically telling you that if someone brings you evidence that your partner is cheating, you should choose to ignore it because you don’t like the guy who tells you.  It’s all about ‘Ignore the message, kill the messenger’!

The DNC should not have intervened.  Their job is to facilitate, not make the choice.  They made the choice and installed a flawed, vulnerable candidate absolutely reviled by a large segment of our county…

But I’ll tell you this: The more I hear about the incoming misadministration, the more I’m hoping for Jill Stein’s recount effort to succeed…

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