Uncle Obnoxious…

I offer for your approval a new term: BreitBull.
– BreitBull is any news or “information” in the conservative bubble (from any source) that cannot survive the transition from conservative bubble into the real world…


We see these folks all the time.  One runs into them in social media commonly, sometimes at work.  Maybe it’s your obnoxious uncle who shows up to Thanksgiving dinner and rails the whole time about how, say, Hillary sold the moon to the commies and they blew it up and are now delivering individual pieces to every liberal in equal portions and Obama never even did anything about it!  Someone tries to point out to Uncle Obnoxious that he can just look out the window – the moon is still right there.

“You Libtards are all the same!” he spittles over everyone’s dinner.  “You’re always drinking the Kool-aid!  Everyone knows that’s just a reflection of the Sun!”
“Well, yes,” someone points out, “but it’s reflecting off the moon, which…is still there.”   He’s furious.  “She always gets away with things like this and the DemocRAT party will never investigate!”

It’s no different, really, than any other person whose head is stuck in the conservative bubble.  (To be sure, there is such a thing as the liberal bubble, as well.  It’s just not the focus of this piece.)  They hear some bit of BreitBull, they internalize it, and they run with it.  Boy, do they run with it.  But, in this case, Uncle Obnoxious happens to be the so-called President of the United States.

Right now, 45 seems to believe the BreitBull that Obama had him “tapped” during the campaign.  Some pundits are trying to figure out of this is some kind of long play – a strategy to distract from his ties to the Russians.  I don’t think so.  I think he believes it because a far right radio host, Mark Levin, made it up on the air – and then Breitbart picked it up.  (Levin offered no evidence to support his claim but little things like that don’t bother conservatives.  Lack of evidence is actually easier for them than the normal “all-evidence-contradicts” fights they usually take on.)

So now we’ve got Uncle Obnoxious in the Oval Office repeating one spurious far-right claim after another.  It’s frustrating with our own Uncles Obnoxious since he gets to shout to his heart’s content and there’s little or nothing anybody can do to get him to acknowledge that, for example, the moon is still out there.  Any decent far-right conservative knows that when actual, factual evidence is presented, one should, properly, close their eyes, cover their ears, and scream “la la la” until the offending fact goes away.

45 tries.  His problem is, he’s not just some doofus in the conservative bubble anymore.  Facts simply won’t go away.  Worse, they keep coming back from every direction and from many sources.  You know why?  Because as it happens, when the so-called President says “someone should investigate”, someone investigates – always a problem for BreitBull…

From time to time, we’ve seen 45 back away from some piece of BreitBull.  Once it gets to a point where there’s too much evidence to continue to defend defenseless positions (outside of his rallies, of course) he throws his source under the bus in an attempt to deflect criticism from his own glorious self.  “All I can tell you is I heard it on such and so…”

This suggests that, at some point, the Donald begins to perceive that people think he looks like an idiot.  He doesn’t want to look like an idiot so he provides his source – try to make the source look the fool.

I’ll tell you this: I’m hopeful that his ego will eventually come into conflict with the BreitBull.  I wonder how many times his narcissism will allow him to look dumb in the face of evidence before he begins to question his sources.  I think I perceive a glimmer of possibility that, perhaps, THIS Uncle Obnoxious might be tamed over time – or at least learn to distinguish facts from BreitBull…

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