Have you noticed?  Gas prices are on the rise, again.

I heard on the news the oil companies are offering up their usual “explanations”.  OPEC is cutting production and, in California, the “summer blend”.

You’d think gas producers would know by now they’re going to need the summer blend and plan for it in advance.  You know, like they do with everything else.

Then, I see this article from Reuters that says the price of crude is slipping worldwide because there’s such a glut of oil.  We’re told by supply-siders that means the price should be going down – and it is for a barrel of oil.  So why is it going UP at the pump?

I’ll tell you this: my suspicion is that the ACTUAL reason prices are going up has nothing to do with supply or the summer blend and everything to do with the fact that Republicans are running the show and the oil companies simply know they can get away with gouging…

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