Gorsuch Can Wait…

No surprise, it looks as though the Republicans will forward the nomination of Neil Gorsuch from the Judicial Committee to the full Senate today, Monday, April 3.  Democrats have promised to oppose his nomination.  I hope they do.  Gorsuch seems to be one of those judges who calls himself an “originalist” in order to support archaic and stupid ideas.  I accept the position that the nomination was “stolen” and that, alone, means he shouldn’t be allowed to advance.  Worse, since the so-called “President” has question marks all over his “election” regarding interference from Russia, none of his nominations should move forward until we know one way or another if Trump made the choice of if Putin did.

Those are the most prominent positions being put forward these days by Democrats against Gorsuch.  I think they’re each valid, each correct.  But, if I could just get real a second, the truth is I don’t want ANY nominee put forward by the GOP.  Putting Gorsuch on the bench gives the GOP all the power it needs to do whatever the hell they want to do and I want the Democrats to do everything in their power to prevent that from happening – because, inevitably, whatever the GOP does proves harmful to the largest number of Americans.

They’ve already got Clarence Thomas, a man who committed perjury to get onto the highest bench in the land.  NOW they want to install another toady to move the activist conservative agenda forward…well, backwards, really.  Every time the GOP does something like this, they undermine the credibility of the “Supreme Court” – to the point where someone like me can’t write “Supreme Court” without quotes.  The GOP doesn’t care.  They know Thomas lied and they know the current vacancy was stolen but they also know that once he’s on the bench, it’s done and done.

People keep going back and forth: is 45 insane or just really shrewd?  To my mind, he’s insane…delusional, even.  If he tweeted he had just seen a six-foot pink bunny nobody else can see everybody but his base would understand he had probably lost his mind completely.  So when he tweets that Obama went all “Mission Impossible” on him, I’m thinking pink bunny – and I don’t want an insane man forming the SCOTUS.  More importantly, I don’t want a SCOTUS that will rubber-stamp every pink bunny sighting 45 might tweet about.

The GOP doesn’t care if 45 is delusional or not.  They only care that he’ll enact cruel GOP positions.  The GOP controlled Congress will back his play every day – unless his positions seem to put individual members at risk.  If they gain control over the Court – well, I don’t know but it won’t be good.  Think ‘Hobby Lobby’ and ‘Citizen’s United’.  Bad news…

I’ll tell you this: I’m counting on the Democrats to hold this thing up as long as possible.  At the same time, I’m not sanguine about leaving the position open forever.  So how about just until after the mid-term?  If Democrats can regain control of the Senate (a HUGE “if” based on what I see of their behaviors these days) the Gorsuch nomination is torpedoed and a more centrist person – say, Merrick Garland – could be nominated, instead.  If the Dems can’t manage to wrest away three seats, well, then I guess Americans will be stuck with pink bunnies…

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