Paths to Destruction…

Bad day all around, eh?  Trump orders attack on Syria, Republicans order attack on the Constitution.

I saw video of the gas attacks on civilians on ‘Vice News Tonight.’  Heartbreaking.  Unconscionable.  Unimaginable.  Any other words you can come up with that mean “assault on the civilized mind”.  I think Trump’s response was pure emotion.  On the one hand, I’m forced to admit, I kind of like that he was so outraged by the murder of innocents that he felt compelled to act.  My own, initial emotional reaction was the same: stop this now!  But my intellect tells me I’m wrong to feel that way, to feel good about a “feel good” response.  Because on the other hand, I don’t think it was a measured, well-thought-out action.  It was JUST an emotional response.

You get stung by a bee.  In the moment, it might feel good to “retaliate” by using a stick to whack the hive.  Intellectually, though, bad move.  You discover exactly HOW bad only after you strike.  How many “bee stings” has 45 generated with his emotional, not intellectual, answer?

My understanding (if one can understand the Syrian conflict) is that part of the reason the US has taken a more cautious approach in the past is because we don’t know who all the players are, let alone what they’re trying to do.  The one piece of information we DO have is that Russia backs Assad in Syria.  Do we now find ourselves in a proxy war with Russia?  Only time will tell.

There’s this: if it’s true the Russians have information that would be damaging to Trump, something like this might certainly be a catalyst to bringing it out…


Speaking of destruction, the coup seems complete now.  Republicans – who only retain the power they have by cheating (gerrymandering, to be specific) – have turned a dishonorable, intentional blind eye to the abuses of the so-called “President” because he’s one of “theirs”.  They’ve allowed him to nominate an ideologue candidate for the “Supreme Court” to fill a stolen seat.  Now, they’ve invoked the so-called “nuclear option” to install the nominee who shouldn’t be.

So, by my count, the Presidency is rigged.  (If nothing else, Trump is guilty of violating the emoluments clause.)  The Congress is rigged.  (See the aforementioned gerrymandering.)  The “Supreme Court” is rigged.  (Clarence Thomas committed perjury and Neil Gorsuch sits in a stolen seat.)  The American press is rigged.  (In service to the American aristocracy.)

So where do we turn?  What’s left?  How do the American people fight back against this now very UN-American government?  In my head, I keep hearing John F. Kennedy: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

Shit, man…

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