Maybe We Didn’t…

I just wanted to highlight this story.  I first saw it reported by the Associated Press.  The story – this version presented by the UK’s ‘Telegraph’ – is that Russian hackers breached voting systems in as many as 39 states.

One thing we can say we “know” with confidence is that if the US government had absolute, 100% proof that the Russians had actually flipped votes in favor of the Donald, they wouldn’t admit it.  We’re told that policy is intended to “protect the integrity of the vote” but I suspect the real intent is to maintain party control of the electronic voting machines.  The parties want to keep the Russians out but they want to ensure their own ability to get in…

So, if the powers that be in the US won’t admit the depth of the Russian breaches (and they won’t) but we suspect that, perhaps, the Russians breached further than we’re being told (and we do) perhaps we didn’t actually elect Donald Trump President.

I’ll tell you this: it won’t change a thing.  He’s still going to run rampant over the Constitution and put the final nail in the coffin of this once-great nation.  But it DOES tend to restore a bit of faith in my fellow Americans that we would NOT, in fact, “elect” such an unqualified, petty, and vicious person to the highest office in the land…

One thought on “Maybe We Didn’t…

  1. AMEN BROTHER. I would so much rather believe the election were stolen than that we, as a nation, are that mean-spirited and stupid. The problem is, I so badly want to believe that the election was hijacked that I don’t believe I am able to objectively decide who did what, when. I don’t have any faith that we will ever have the whole truth and that makes me really angry and leaves me feeling defeated, all at the same time.


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