Define “Successful”…

I saw an opinion piece in the Guardian called ‘Your Worst Nightmare: a Successful Donald Trump Presidency’.  My first reaction to such a headline is that it’s true; a successful Trump presidency might well be my worst nightmare.  But then the obvious question occurs: what might a “successful” Trump presidency look like?

The piece in question starts off appearing to give Trump credit for something he didn’t do, a staple (so far) of his presentation. A sergeant loses an arm and a leg in Afghanistan in 2010.  He has to wait 57 days for a repair to his prosthetic leg and three and a half years for adaptations to his home.  Let’s see…2010 plus 3.5 years…why, that means the sergeant’s problems were handled by 2014, at the latest.  Pop quiz: who was President in 2014?  Still, the sergeant is thrilled Trump is going to solve Veterans Administration problems…

Then, the piece basically, lists things 45’s maladministration is calling “wins” right now.  A Republican beats a Democrat in a closely watched “election.”  David Brooks, a NY Times columnist, suggests the Russia investigation might be overblown.  A revelation that Obama might well have dropped the ball with his choice to remain mum on Russian interference.  Three CNN staffers at the website had to step down due to poor journalism.  The Republitarians in Congress almost repealed the Affordable Care Act.  The “Supreme Court” reinstated the travel ban.  But then, the same column includes a paragraph about why those things might not be wins as well.

Trump’s proposed budget is supposedly going to screw veterans right along with every other not rich person.  The Republican beat the Democrat in a traditionally Republican district.  The investigation might be overblown but Obama didn’t do enough?  Which is it?  “Almost” repealed Obamacare?  So…not yet.  Oh yeah, the travel ban was only partially reinstated.

Essentially, the piece doesn’t say anything more than “politician takes credit for things politician didn’t do” but, really, isn’t that the politician way?  It did get me thinking, though: what might a successful Trump presidency look like?  I’m not sure anybody knows, mostly because I’m not sure Trump, himself, knows.

Yeah, sure, he’s going to build his stupid wall (a win) but Mexico is clearly not paying for it (a loss) AND…his “wall” will be porous as hell (a loss).  If conservatives DO manage to repeal the conservative health care plan known as “Obamacare” (a win?) the resulting devastation to millions might well bring a backlash that harms the Republitarian brand (a loss) AND ushers in single payer (a win for Americans, a loss for greed).

If we end up with oil derricks in Yosemite, HE might consider it a “success” but most people will mourn the loss.  Deregulation?  I don’t care HOW you package it, deregulation is about freeing criminals to commit their crimes again.

I’ll tell you this: the more I think about it the more I realize that a “successful” Trump presidency destroys America and harms humanity.  Maybe that IS my worst nightmare…

One thought on “Define “Successful”…

  1. If we survive long enough to elect a bee president, it will be a successful Trump presidency.

    Jeff Meldahl



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