Quick Hits…

I find it ironic that the Republitarians had to put off taking health care away from millions of people until John McCain recovers from a health emergency…


At this point, the list of high-ranking administration officials that have NOT met with Russians is much shorter than the list of those who have.  The list of those who HAVE met with Russians AND reported it properly on their security checks seems even shorter…


Conservatives think the Russian investigation should just go away since it’s clearly a scam.  Not so fast, there, Bucko.  Fair is fair: Democracts should get the same amount of time and money Republitarians used “investigating” Hillary…


Apparently, since they don’t have the needed support for their “plan”, the Senate is going to vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act without a replacement.  According to the CBO, that would be the LEAST damaging proposal they’ve made so far…

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