It’s Insulting, Really…

The trend on this thing has gotten out of control and we seem to be losing the overall point.  After much consideration, I realized I was part of the problem and I intend to correct that right now.  I mean, it’s been unfair.  It’s such an…humiliating debasement…I mean, really insulting.  Nobody deserves that.  SO…as of this moment, I hereby swear (or affirm) that I will no longer play along.  No matter what, I refuse to support the notion that my conservative brethren are nearly as stupid as they’re pretending to be.

You’re welcome…

See, I know that YOU know the #takeaknee protest is about rogue cops getting away with killing defenseless people – mostly, people of color.  I ALSO know you’re aware that taking the actual opposite position – no, it’s okay that cops kill defenseless people, so long as they mostly stick to people of color – is what used to be called a “heavy lift”…rather a tough sell.  SO…if you’re going to oppose a position for no reason other than it seems to be a progressive position – and you are – you have no choice, really, but to change the subject.

To that end, I’m forced to offer hesitant congratulations.  This whole “disrespect the flag” bullshit has proven to be a successful pivot.  But when one really thinks about it, it means you have to bring dishonor to your name and your family by pretending your wee tiny brain is just not up to the task of comprehending the complex nuances behind objecting to rogue cops getting away with killing defenseless people – mostly, people of color.

It’s got to be embarrassing, pretending you don’t grasp the details of the protest because of when and where it takes place.  After all, when protestors block a highway during the commute, do you assume they’ve done so because they don’t like the highway?  No, you don’t.  You know better.  And you know better than to accept that this protest has anything to do with the flag or the National Anthem.

Besides, I don’t believe your newfound dedication to country, either.  Conservatives have been heaping scorn, hatred, and disrespect – REAL disrespect – on the government of this once-great nation ever since that traitor Reagan introduced you to the idea that the scariest words in the English language are, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”  (I’m guessing the Texicans and Florides are holding their tongues for the moment but I have high confidence they’ll be back as soon as the government has bailed them out.  It’s the conservative way…)

Of course, conservatives LOVE the flag more than just about anything – even as they continue to build their own personal armories for that ‘inevitable’ day when they have to take up arms and violently overthrow the government their beloved flag symbolizes.  See why it doesn’t track for me?  NOBODY disrespects the American government as energetically, as enthusiastically, as conservatives.  Nobody…

So now that the distraction has been eliminated we can get back to the real conversation at hand.  I think allowing rogue cops to get away with killing defenseless people – mostly, people of color – is a bad thing.  And YOU no longer have to pretend your opposition has anything to do with anything other than your support for cops killing defenseless people of color.  Again…

You’re welcome…

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