On Megyn Kelly…

I’ve got to tell you – well, no, I don’t HAVE to tell you, you haven’t even asked – but I’m GOING to tell you: I don’t know who Megyn Kelly’s audience is supposed to be.  People know who she is.  They know she used to be one of the shining stars of Fox “News”, the flagship of the conservative bubble.  The conservative bubble, of course, conditions it’s adherents to self-isolate and never, ever watch “mainstream media”.  Then, she leaves Fox “News” and moves to NBC?

Did she expect to take any part of her audience with her?  That would involve the unpardonable sin of tuning in mainstream media.  Did she (and NBC) think she could build a new audience, as though she hasn’t spent the last thirteen years contributing to the culture wars – representing the wrong side?

So…if thinking people won’t respond to her because of her known association with truth-twisters and her old (often, VERY old) audience won’t risk infection by tuning in NBC, who’s going to watch?

I’ll tell you this: NBC is paying her very well.  They’ll be patient as they try to recoup some of that “investment.”  They’ll try her in different situations and different roles; morning show host, “news” magazine host, that sort of thing.  Promotions will be heavy on the “she’s apolitical, now” bit but I suspect she’ll never build much of a following and by…let’s say…January of 2018, NBC will realize they’ve made a mistake and cut their losses.  I, for one, will not be sorry to see her go…

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