The Right Thing…

I saw an article in the Guardian – most likely a paid PR piece – that wanted everyone to know that Jeff Bezos, of Amazon infamy, is apparently giving $2 Billion dollars to fight homelessness.  Oh, yay!  At least, that was my first reaction.  A split-second later, I decided that Bezos probably deserved some credit for the act.  A split-second after that, I realized that Bezos could do a LOT more to alleviate suffering if he would just pay the workers who do the work that produces all that beautiful lucre he hoards and doles out for credit a living wage.

They’re HIS employees.  THEIR work has created the wealth for which he takes all the credit – and rewards.  Pay the workers a fair wage and get them off of MY tax roles.  I don’t mind helping people who need help.  But I really don’t want to subsidize rich people who already have so much they don’t even know what to do with the money…but they KNOW, for sure, that if they have anything to say about it, they aren’t paying a living wage…


Speaking of rich, self-serving scoundrels serving their own agendas and lying about it all the while, I’m sick of Facebook.  They’ve been telling the same story in response to scandal after scandal and it never changes.  “Oh,” they say, “we were slow to respond.  That’s on us.  We’ll do better in the future.”  This from a company that used the slogan ‘Move fast and break things.’

I think it’s time we stop waiting for the company to voluntarily do the right thing and go with a bit of regulation…


I hope Rosenstein doesn’t resign…


I believe Dr. Ford.  Trump says he stands by Kavanaugh.  Trump says Kavanaugh is a good man.  Based on the criminal elements Don Donald has completely surrounded himself with, Trump’s endorsement should be a warning, not a comfort.

For those keeping score, the list of Supreme Court Justice seats obtained through foul deeds is Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, and soon, Brett Kavanaugh…

…because conservatives don’t like “activist judges”…

One thought on “The Right Thing…

  1. TRump’s endorsement should tell us all we need to know. If Duke endorses you, you probably aren’t a member of the NAACP. If tRump says you’re not misogynistic, it means compared to him.

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