Ford v. Kavanaugh…

I believe her.  Dr. Ford seemed nervous but she said she was terrified so…that fit.  She didn’t know every detail and she said so – and even apologized for the fact.  But she remembered relevant bits – and she remembered the attack.  The laughter of her assailants, she said, was seared into her memory.  She asked for the FBI to look into the matter specifically to help her nail down some of the details.

Him?  At stages, three different words popped into my mind about him: combative, evasive, and arrogant.  He argued.  He interrupted.  He hurled invective – at the woman, Senator Klobuchar, who was questioning him.  He knew each Senator had only five minutes.  When he was asked a question, he filibustered.  He rambled on as long as possible about things that were not relevant, never answering the question.  Hell, he might have read ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ to the same effect.

I thought the GOP had a good line of attack when they kept hammering on the question of why Senator Feinstein held the information so long before making it public.  Honestly, it was a good point and quite effective – until Feinstein took the floor and stated flatly that she never released the information.  Feinstein reminded people that Dr. Ford had, in fact, told her story to a select number of people.  Perhaps, the suggestion was made, one of them leaked the story to the press at the eleventh hour – when it became clear that Kavanaugh was a shoo-in.  Perhaps it was a last ditch effort to stop a depraved individual from ascending to the highest court in this once-great nation.

That would be exactly the kind of thing the FBI might discover had they reopened the background check.  Who leaked the information?  The GOP was quick to point out that the FBI doesn’t reach conclusions.  In fact, they pointed it out over and over.  Apparently, they were hoping people wouldn’t realize that the FBI doesn’t need to reach conclusions in order to provide corroboration.  Kavanaugh attempted to portray himself as a sainted soul who has always and only attempted to live saintly.  If an FBI background check discovers he was a hard-partying animal who often got blind drunk, it’s not a conclusion – but it DOES give the lie to Kavanaugh’s faulty portrayal of himself.

The Democrats asked Kavanaugh repeatedly if he would agree to have the FBI investigate the charges.  He whined about how this “false” charge had ruined his life.  The Democrats pointed out, rightly, that an independent third party investigation could help him clear his name.  He deferred.  He dodged.  He evaded.  When they asked about investigation, he answered about hearings.  Finally, Senator Harris said, “I’ll take that as a no”.  It’s perfectly reasonable under those circumstances for observers to conclude that he didn’t expect such an inquiry would, in fact, clear his name so much as lend credence to Dr. Ford’s account…

Nobody knows what happened in that room except the three people who were in it – and one of them, Mark Judge, was not even invited to speak.  Wait, not invited?  Strike that.  It should have read: went into hiding.  As the only other person in that room, he should have been questioned.  Apparently, the GOP and Kavanaugh couldn’t take that risk…

I’ll tell you this:  I thought Dr. Ford acted exactly the way a person would act if she was telling the truth.  Conversely, I thought Judge Kavanaugh (and the GOP, actually) acted exactly the way a person would act if she was telling the truth.

But I expect that the GOP is going to debase and dishonor themselves further – if such a thing is possible – and We, the people will be stuck with yet another substandard conservative on the Supreme Court…


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