It’s Up To Women…

Oh, white men are scared, huh?  SOME white men, perhaps.  Most know that false charges of reported sexual abuse are less common – somewhere in the neighborhood of two to eight percent.  I suspect most of those claims are connected to someone trying to gain the upper hand in divorce or child custody cases.  Conservatives, of course, have a different number.  The number THEY use is 41%.  Ooh, scary.  Of course, even using that false number, it STILL means that 59% of claims are true.

But the pretending-to-be-scared white men – and women – rallied around the 41% number to get the Kavanaugh “win.”  You heard the cons in social media, wringing their hands and crying out, “What about our sons and brothers?”  Fair enough.

But what about your daughters?

If 41% of the time a charge is false, 59% of the time it’s true.  (It’s called ‘Math.’  100-41=59, see?)  According to conservatives, though, when some lying woman makes a claim, the correct course of action is to ask the guy if he did it.  When he says no, the next step is to try to figure out how the lying bitch put herself into such a vulnerable position in the first place.  I’m sure the position is going to lead to more open and honest discourse in conservative households across the land…

It’s going to be interesting to see how women respond to being portrayed as deceivers who lie for the sheer thrill of trashing defenseless men.  After all, we KNOW that women are inveterate liars.  The Bible tells us so!  Therefore, it’s best – apparently – to disregard the 60% of women who are being truthful in defense of the 40% of men who are being falsely accused, right?

If this doesn’t galvanize women to action, I suspect nothing will.  Hey, maybe they really DO like being cat-called while walking down the street, being judged first and foremost on their looks, and having men whip out their junk and wave it in their faces.  Who knew?  (Apparently, Harvey Weinstein and Brett Kavanaugh…)

We’ve got an “election” coming up.  More than any other voting bloc, I’m watching women.  Will women turn out in record numbers?  I suspect that even some conservative women realize their contrived support of Kavanaugh undermined the credibility of ALL women claiming sexual abuse – including their own and their own children – for the sake of a political “win.”  So do they go into a voting booth shouting “MAGA!” and then secretly vote for the Democrat?

See, I hold that actions speak louder than words.  Marching in the streets and knitting pussy hats is all well and good but if women don’t come out in force and vote their best interests, the energy behind the marches becomes little more than bluster.  I fear that the subtext to NOT coming out is, “Yeah, we ARE what you say we are.”

Men, to be sure, are going to come out and vote their “teams.”  You can count on conservative men – and some women – voting Republican to ensure the conservative misogyny retains it’s “rightful” place.  Progressive and Democratic men are less predictable.  I, for one, will be voting with the Democrats in the interests of women but the truth is, I’m white and male.  I’ll be okay, even in the conservative hell hole.  Left leaning men may or may not be fired up to go to the polls.  So, like it or not, it’s down to you women.  And isn’t that the way?  Men make a mess and leave it for women to clean up…

I’ll tell you this: fair or not – and LIKE it or not – this next election isn’t about a “blue wave” or a “red wave.”  It’s clearly about a pink wave…

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