Reuters is reporting that The National Embarrassment says separating families at the border and stealing children deters illegal immigration.  I’d have to guess that’s true.  The people running for their lives were looking for a civilized place where they might be able to survive.  Trump has shown the world that the United States is NOT a civilized place any more…


Still holding hope for a ‘Blue Wave’?  Is it true that Democrats don’t get out the vote or is it MORE true that Republicans cheat so shamefully, completely, and sadly, successfully that it isn’t possible for enough Democrats to vote?  I’d say it’s the second one.  Case in point?  In Georgia, a man named Brian Kemp is the Secretary of State AND the Republican nominee for Governor.  He’s using his office as Secretary of State to suppress opposition votes in every way he can – legal and otherwise.  It’s an obvious conflict of interest but his supporters will just say it was smart.  I find myself thinking about JFK’s warning: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable”…

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