Shame, noun – a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior.  They say adversity builds character.  We all know, by now, that Donald Trump has never known a minute of adversity in his entire life, which explains his complete failure as a human being and his total lack of character.  Every time I think the bar can’t be lowered, it gets lowered and I’m left gobsmacked trying to figure out what happened to this once-great nation…

I’ve been known to refer to the POS (oh, did I forget the T and the U?) as our ‘National Embarrassment’ but in my mind, he’s earned a change in status.  Is it an upgrade or a downgrade?  I don’t know but from this point forward, he’ll be known, by me, as our ‘National Shame.’

The Saudis have admitted to killing Jamal Khashoggi but say it was the result of an impromptu fistfight.  I’ve got to say, it sure was prescient of the Saudis to bring a bone saw to a meeting just in case an impromptu fistfight broke out that would end in the need to dismember a body!  Who knows, perhaps Saudis take bone saws to EVERY meeting.  That would certainly explain the GOP’s cowardly and deferential behavior toward them.  (Remember when 43 gave King Abdullah a big kiss on the lips?)

Our National Shame says he finds the explanation credible.  Oh, and let’s be sure that whatever response the United States comes up with does NOT interfere with the arms deal…

So there it is.  The United States has been finally, fully exposed.  It doesn’t matter what you do or don’t do, so long as nothing interferes with profits.  Even a blatant murder can be – should be – overlooked…so long as nothing queers the deal.  The weapons in question are most likely going to be used to kill innocent Yemenis, too, but even that’s okay…so long as the checks clear.

It should be noted that our National Shame might react a bit if his buddy Sean Hannity was murdered.  After all, Khashoggi wrote for the Washington Post and Trump effing HATES the Washington Post.  (They write honestly about him and he can’t have that.)  But even if it was Hannity, the Shame would move forward with whatever deal was on the table.  Hannity would understand.

But I don’t…

6 thoughts on “Shame…

  1. The f”art of the deal”! He serves up what he calls warm,steaming, chocolate pudding, and his “believers” keep shoveling it into their mouths, even though they know it tastes like $h1t.

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