Shortcut To Power…

I have a lot of respect for Willie Brown.  Agree with him or not, if you’re an honest individual, you have to admit, the man has a brilliant mind for politics.  That makes it nice for me that I’ve mostly agreed with him.  Please take note, as I have, that I haven’t written any bits about Mr. Brown when I agree with him.  So…guess what?  I saw an article in this morning’s SF Chronicle written by Willie Brown called, ‘Berniecrats try to shortcut their way to power‘…

He’s decrying the idea that Democratic Socialists are running on the Democratic ticket.  It’s a short piece but it could have been shorter.  This paragraph sums up the whole thing nicely: “Democratic socialists are not Democrats. They run under the Democratic banner, but they have contempt for traditional Democrats. They just don’t have nerve to run as a third party.”

Coupla things…

It probably doesn’t need to be pointed out to Mr. Brown that it wasn’t an original idea of the Democratic Socialists to infiltrate one of the two major parties of our so-called “two-party system.”  The Libertarians did it to the Republicans and have driven them to the extreme, even nut-ball right.  I don’t have “contempt” for traditional Democrats.  But I am rooting for the Democratic Socialists to have great success running as Democrats, thereby pushing the Democratic party back to being a progressive party rather than the center-right “safety” spot they occupy today.

The way I see it, this phenomenon is occurring specifically because – as Mr. Brown certainly knows – it’s very difficult to set up a viable third party these days.  There was a time in history when Teddy Roosevelt got angry with the Republicans and set up a new, third party and ran in all 50 states that year (1912). The Progressive Party (aka, The Bull Moose Party) even carried six states.  But then the “two parties” started introducing and passing “ballot access” laws making it more and more difficult for competing parties to obtain nationwide access.

The Green Party first appeared on a ballot in Alaska in 1990.  As of 2008, the Green Party was able to appear on ballots in 31 states and the District of Columbia.  18 years.  63% of state ballots (+DC).  As of September, 2016 they had achieved 45 states.  88%, 26 years.  The question of whether or not they have the nerve to run as a third party never enters into it.  They don’t have the ability to run as a third party.  Willie Brown’s extensive political expertise absolutely precludes any possibility he doesn’t understand that reality.

Mr. Brown is, as I’ve already indicated, politically brilliant but he’s also – and, apparently, more importantly – a loyal Democrat.  It has ever been thus so it’s not really news.  But the Democrats put themselves in a tough spot when they sold the nomination up front  and they’ve been peddling alternative realities ever since in the vain hope that something, anything might stick.  I think they should just leave it alone.  People have made their determinations about what happened in 2016 and they’re not likely to change.

I’ll tell you this: I find it difficult to believe the Democrats would run ANY risk of reigniting the Dem Wars of 2016.  Particularly one as savvy as Willie Brown…

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