Not the Best, Not the Brightest…

The other day, March 12, 2019, marked the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web.  Only 30 years before misinformation and propaganda brought down the “greatest country on Earth.”  Not bad, I guess – if that’s your goal.  (And for the richest of the rich, that was TOTALLY the goal…)

Really, between that and Fox “News” it’s a wonder it took them so long.

Americans, as it happens, are not the brightest lights ever to shine.  As a group, I mean.  Sure, there are plenty of bright lights, individually, but as a group…OMG!  Some people will fall for anything and far too many do.

Climate change denial, racism, readiness to take up arms against the government in support of the aristocracy (the actual, long-term goal of conservatism) – all of these have found new energy, a new home, on the Web.

Of course, I can always find out what my friends had for dinner, too, so, there’s that…


I wish people would stop with the notion that Donny Dumbass won’t leave the Oval office because he’s afraid he would go to jail.  He GOT that ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card when he became President – even if he DID become President thanks to the Russians.

Because America does NOT respect the rule of law, Presidents don’t go to jail.  Poor optics, you know.  All you’ve got to do is consider George W. Bush, aka Bush 43.  People are STILL dying in wars he started in violation of American and international law and he’s home painting.

So, no…Donny won’t go to jail.  His associates will – and have.  His family may very well.  But the worst that may happen to the Trumpster would be a fine.  If you’re going to spend a bunch of time hoping to see him in an orange jumpsuit, you’re going to be disappointed…


I’m no longer surprised that his supporters remain loyal to him, either.  It’s a matter of faith with them.  They’ve decided to withdraw their faith in that Jesus guy and go with Donny, instead.  (Apparently, Jesus didn’t bring enough hatred and punishment in His message…)


When it comes to the college admissions scandal the FBI dubbed ‘Operation Varsity Blues’, I don’t believe the kids didn’t know.  It doesn’t matter, of course.  They’re the offspring of rich people.  They’re USED to being coddled and having someone else solve any problems that come their way.  They don’t care.  It’s a “meritocracy”, see?  THEY have the “merit” because their mommy and daddy have money.  So when one kid was told to “act dumb” – well, THAT was easy.  Try telling her to “act smart.”  Let’s see what happens, then.

Anybody who didn’t know before learned about the fixed rules from Bush 43, the genius who attacked Afghanistan AND Iraq in response to an attack from Saudi Arabia.  That’s some quality education HE got from Harvard, yes?  He was quite open about the fact that he benifitted from a ‘legacy admission’ and a “Gentlemen’s C.”  A ‘legacy admission’ means he got to go because someone ELSE once “earned” their way in and a “Gentlemen’s C” is a passing grade he received because his family built a building.

When you think about it, the Ivy League schools are often little more than diploma factories.  The family pays, the kid gets a sheepskin.  Why make them show up at all?  Why not just send the money and get the diploma?  Oh, I know – the parents don’t want to rob the child of the “college experience”…

For me, the Ivy League has reduced itself to the same position as cops and Catholic Priests.  Because of the closed ranks and coverups involved, NOBODY can know who’s good and who’s bad, who’s safe and who’s not, who did the work and who bought the degree.  Which cop is a killer and which is an honorable person?  I wouldn’t leave my kid with ANY Catholic Priest.  If I was hiring for my company and two applicants came in, one with a degree from the local community college and the other with a “degree” from one of these Ivy League schools – I’d take the local guy…

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