The Insufferables…

This is not scientific.  Hell, it might not even be right.  But while the politicians are engaging in the legal wrangling of the Mueller Report, here’s a quick tip on how YOU, dear reader, can know if the report exonerated Trump or not.  If the report states clearly that no evidence exists of Russian collusion and the Trump campaign, the AG will “decide” to release the report to the public.  Trump will hold it above his head at every Little Nuremberg rally and shout the findings as loudly and far and wide as possible.  His supporters will be insufferable.

If the report does NOT clearly exonerate Trump, the AG will “decide” NOT to release it but at every Little Nuremberg, Trump will claim the report cleared him as loudly and far and wide as possible.  His supporters will be insufferable…


Well, Robert Kraft – the owner of the cheatingest team in the history of the NFL – has moved from complete denial to issuing an apology.  Next he’ll accept the plea deal he’s been insisting he’ll never accept and the “ordeal” will be over – for him.  If there is anybody who wants to see Kraft brought down a notch or two, it’s me.  But the media, not surprisingly, have focused on the wrong issue in this ‘Soliciting a Prostitute’ charge.  The story is the women who were trafficked and forced to work the “massage parlor.”  The “deep dive” should be about how criminalizing prostitution creates the environment that allows women to be subjected to forced prostitution in the first place and prevents them from seeking help should they get (or create) the opportunity…


I saw an opinion piece presented by Neal Brennan on ‘The Daily Show’ in which he took the position that the single-most driving factor in the current rise in Socialism is rich people.  He’s right.  Now, Brennan takes the position that it’s because the rich are such assholes with the money but I don’t think that’s exactly right.  It’s just that they can’t stop stealing from the workers.  No matter how much they have, they think they “deserve” more.  Eventually, there isn’t enough to go around and people start suffering as the direct result of predatory avarice.  It becomes clear – even to the dullest minds – that the rich people have corrupted the current system so people start looking for a new, more fair system.

The thing is, this isn’t the first time the country has come to this point.  The LAST time the Predator Class cornered the market on money, people began calling for Socialism in the form of Communism.  Eugene Debs became a household name.  The Communist party enjoyed it’s greatest success in America with higher numbers in membership than ever before or since.  (The actual practice of Communism had not yet flamed out and proven it couldn’t work.)  The calls became so great, FDR took elements of Socialism and gave the American people just enough protections to settle them down while maintaining Capitalism.  He called it ‘The New Deal.’

To my knowledge, it was the first practical application of Democratic Socialism in history.  I believe it added a hundred years to the story of America.  But rich people didn’t like it and immediately started trying to undo everything FDR had done.  As of this writing, it looks as though they’ve succeeded.

History shows where this story line goes.  Eventually, the masses, angry but desperate more than anything, will rise up.  Historically, what follows is…unpleasant.  But Mr. Brennan is correct that the failures of so-called “free market” Capitalism are the root cause of the revolution.  The rise of Socialism is tied directly to the inability of the rich to contain their rapacity.  When the lopping off of heads begins, the rich will continue to try to point the finger at poor immigrants but in truth, the actual blame belongs to themselves.

Greed kills…

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