Have you ever seen the mini-series ‘Band of Brothers?’  If you haven’t, you’ve missed out on an experience.  It’s an amazing story based on actual events.  There’s one segment in which a concentration camp is discovered.  The camp is very near a town, yet the townspeople – who supplied the camp, mind you – all contend they had no idea about the camp or what was happening.  The local Allied commander orders the entire town to fall out and help bury the dead in the camp.  The people are no longer able to ignore or excuse the results of their complicity.  They’re forced to see what their wrongheaded decisions have wrought.

I have high confidence that a wide swath of people in this once-great nation and, indeed, around the world are going to have an opportunity to experience the same feeling in the very near future.



Okay, so I believe I have the winning argument in favor of staying on Standard Time year round: kids.  Yes,  I know.  People want to enjoy the “extra” hour in the evening – but it means kids end up walking to school in the dark in the mornings.  Certainly there will be an increase in accidents in which kids are getting hit because drivers didn’t see them.

Yeah, that’s it…the whole argument – staying on Standard Time is safer for kids.

I know it won’t “win”, though.  Child safety is offset by the Chamber of Commerce and there’s potential profit at stake, here.  We’re a bloodthirsty, greedy country.  When push comes to shove, it doesn’t matter to so-called “Free Market” Capitalism that some kid dies on the side of a too-dark road somewhere – so long as she dies wearing the latest fashion from an area retailer that her mom was able to pick up during the “extra hour” the night before…


I read a story in which a four year old boy shot his six year old sister to death.  Apparently, the two of them and their mom were in the car and the car wouldn’t start.  Mom got out to try to figure out why not.  The boy took the gun out of the console and accidentally killed his sister with it.  The local Sheriff sees no reason for any charges.  No arrests were made.

Clearly, the Sheriff is a “Second Amendment guy”…

It should not be up to him as to whether the owner of that gun should be arrested and tried.  This is why I tout my ‘Keep Your Gun Act.’  He or she was clearly NOT the responsible owner the NRA likes to pretend.  This is not a gun rights issue.  NOBODY should ever leave a loaded weapon laying around that a child might access.  Can we agree on THAT, at least?

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