Friends From Enemies…

At the end of Bush 43’s maladministration, I became concerned that he was going to find some pretext and just…stay in office.  I began voicing that concern to people around me who all told me how wrong I was.  I was very concerned.  As it happens, I was also quite wrong.  He just left…me with egg on my face.

Being my friends, they all just sort of let the thing – be thrown back in my face at every opportunity.  It was one of my worst political calculations.  Hey, things happen.  But it was an eye-opening humiliation.  I don’t LIKE mistakes like that so I reflected.  I realized that I’d allowed myself to become hyper-partisan.  I stepped back from the partisan divide.  I reconsidered information sources.  I redoubled my efforts to make sure information I was accepting was based in reality.  (I keep being teased by my so-called “friends”, though…)

The whole thing really bothered me for awhile but then a curious thing happened.  Nearing the end of Obama’s Presidency, I started hearing grumbles from my conservative brethren that Obama was going to find some pretext and just…stay in office.  “Hey,” I thought to myself, “I know that story!”

Spoiler alert: Obama left, too.

These days, I find myself looking for those kinds of stories.  As it happens, they’re everywhere.  Sometimes, left and right are made to fight over the same story presented with the appropriate slant for whichever group.  Sometimes, the media stumbles over something that REALLY riles up a given base so they adapt it to rile up the other side.  ‘POTUS isn’t going to leave’ is a good example.  These days, I’ve grown suspicious of the Russian collusion story.  It seems to be ‘Hillary’s emails’ for the left.

If you’re outside of the conservative bubble, you know the right is all fired up over the missing emails from Hillary’s servers.  They think she should go to jail – mostly just because.  The emails, after all, are deleted.  They’re gone.  No one can ever know what was in the emails because…um…they’re gone.  Now, it makes sense that she wouldn’t have deleted emails that were innocuous.  The missing emails handed her political opposition such a powerful weapon, deleting them HAD to be seen as “better” than leaving them.  No evidence means “no prosecution”, not “no crime.”

Now we’ve got the Russian collusion.  People are mad at Mueller because he didn’t come out with a body, let alone a smoking gun.  Many on the left are calling for impeachment, anyway, based mostly on what we “know” even if we can’t prove it.  It’s a waste of time.  Let’s let the other twelve investigations play out.  Let’s see what happens there.  But let’s not keep on about the collusion.

This back and forth seems to be fomented by people rich enough to buy up most of the media outlets in America – to the advantage of people rich enough to buy up most of the media outlets in America.  My enemy is NOT people who received different information from their media than I did in mine.  My enemy is the person or group who put different information into the media in the first place: people rich enough to buy up most of the media outlets in America.

How about ‘We the People’ stop being led from one outrage to another and work together against America’s greatest enemy: people rich enough to buy up most of the media outlets in America…

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