politics SilouetteI recently got into an…unexpected debate with one of my Facebook friends.  I had thought he was a progressive.  Then he starts advocating for communism – publicly!  I want to be clear, he’s advocating for full-on Marxist/Leninist Communism.  He even posts quotes from Eugene Debs and the Communist Manifesto.

I asked him for an example of a successful model of communism.  Of course, he can’t provide such a thing.  No such example exists because communism doesn’t work as an economic system.  (He dismisses this reality by declaring that I’m judging communism by a “western standard.”  He does NOT specify what, exactly, a “western standard” IS nor does he point to any other standard which might, more properly, be used.)

It irritated me more than my conservative brethren arguing in favor of the anti-American “free market” capitalism.  After all, the conservative rank-and-file have been knowingly and intentionally deceived by a few self-important blowhards who hate America and have spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to destroy her.  It’s hardly a surprise they succeeded in deceiving so many.  But this guy presents as a progressive.

I admit, I was flummoxed for awhile.  Why would a progressive advocate for the very thing the conservatives always charge whenever someone mentions Democratic Socialism? Then I realized, they wouldn’t.  Progressives are smarter than that and I haven’t noticed any massive disinformation campaigns coming from the left in support of Communism so we can safely say they’re not nearly as deceived (MSNBC notwithstanding.)

But a conservative might do exactly that.  Promoting communism bolsters the conservative position.  It’s a clever ploy, advocating for communism in an effort to undermine progressive positions and return Trump to the Oval Office…


Speak of the Devil, Donnie Dumbass seems to want everyone to look somewhere – anywhere else.  Now he’s blaming Obama for the White House air conditioning.  How’s THAT for a distraction?

To me, Trump’s shtick is wearing thin.  Even his shocks aren’t shocking anymore.  Frankly, I expect Trump to do the stupidest thing possible – loudly and proudly!  I expect him to try to deflect blame and duck personal responsibility.  I expect him to lie.  I expect dishonesty and dissembling.  In short, at ALL times, I expect the very worst from Trump.  He has yet to let me down.  Still, there is one disappointment: frankly, I expected…more…from the Anti-Christ.

Depictions of the Anti-Christ usually portray this competent, smart, totally in control being.  Instead, we got this petty, undeveloped caricature of a human being; nowhere near “competent,” not even in the same state as “smart.”  A weaselly little no-nothing, privileged elite whose only interest is himself.

What, you think “Anti-Christ” is too strong?  Look at the seven deadly sins: Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride.  Which of those does NOT apply to Trump?  Add in that he’s doing what he can to destroy our civilization and our species.  Add to THAT the fact that the right-wing Christian community just fucking LOVES him.

Sounds like an Antichrist to me…

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