I haven’t seen too many links, yet, between trump’s nasty, racist mouth when talking about people of color and the 19-year-old racist shooter in Gilroy.  (The shooter was white so the media doesn’t want to “rush to judgement.”)

But the link is undeniable…


Speaking of links, here’s some good news for America: Boris Johnson!  No, really.  Look, Boris is…well, not to put too fine a point on it but Boris seems to be as big an idiot as Donnie Dumbass.  When he says he’s going to go forward with a no-deal Brexit, he means it – and he’s just dumb enough to actually do it, too.

People outside the conservative bubble know that a no-deal Brexit will cause serious damage to the economy of the UK, no matter HOW many time Boris says otherwise.  The economic effects rippling out of the UK will do economic damage to Britain’s trading partners.

Donnie Dumbass has already started slowing the America economy with his taxes on the middle class he calls tariffs.  Once Boris’s damage is done and added to the mix, there’s a very strong possibility that the economic downturn will become so severe even the Trumpsters notice.  Granted, they’ll just blame Hillary but the one factor that seems to effect “elections” in America more than any other is an economic downturn on one’s watch.

I’ll tell you this: I’m sorry about the implications of what the no-deal Brexit means to England but if Boris’s rise is linked directly to Donnie’s fall, I’ll call it a silver lining…

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