Dots Connected…

I’ve got two bits of possibly unrelated information I’m going to put side-by-side, here.  They may or may not belong together but if I didn’t think they belonged together I wouldn’t spend all this time writing about it.  So, one: I noticed a little while ago that many of my conservative friends had disappeared from my social media.  There was some talk about looking for conservative sites that wouldn’t filter the bullshit they prefer to consume.  They found some that worked for them, apparently, and off they toddled.

The…um…quiet that resulted on Facebook was notable.  Turns out, it was dangerous, too.  As they congregated in their little conservative enclaves, the sites turned into feedback loops that reinforced their false and faulty narrative of victimization…

Two: as we know, Donnie Dumbass regularly says things – out loud and on camera – that are blatantly false and have no basis in reality.  Thinking people are often heard asking, “Doesn’t he know there are cameras and recording devices?  Doesn’t he KNOW those things he’s saying are provably false?”  He knows.  Those little fraudulent tidbits are for his “base.”  They get edited and delivered into the conservative bubble.  The self-isolated, trapped-in-the-bubble conservatives think they’re getting news.  Then, they think they need to act on that “news.”

As a campaign tactic – and, obviously, because he’s a bigoted shit-stain – Trump has been hitting the race card heavily, recently.  He’s telling the “low information voters” that the reason their efforts continually result in less and less return is NOT because of the very rich, very white corporations that exploit every breath they take in the name of profit.  Instead the “problem” is people of color, specifically, immigrants living in the lap of luxury at the expense of the hard-working and oppressed white man.

This false message is fed into and amplified by the lying, conservative, self-reinforcing feedback loop generally referred to as the conservative bubble.  The result?
–  July 28, 2019: Conservative white supremacist shoots at people of color at the Gilroy garlic festival, killing 3.
–  August 3, 2019: Conservative white supremacist shoots at people of color in an El Paso, Texas Wal-Mart, killing 20.
–  August 4, 2019 (Less than 24 hrs after the El Paso shooting): Conservative white supremacist shoots at people of color in Dayton, Ohio, killing at least 9.

Gun rights advocates will defend the shooter’s right to own the guns used in their private little race wars.  Bigots will pretend the shooter’s motives are unknowable – could have been anything.  Tea-bagging conservatives will pretend the shooters were probably not even tea-bagging conservatives.  Trump will distance himself from the shooters and offer “thoughts and prayers BUT…”

There’s a book out there called ‘The Turner Diaries.’  It has been called “The Bible of the Racist Right” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.  It’s a novel.  The story is about the glorious cleansing of the world – “freeing” the planet of all people who are NOT white – along with any whites who “betrayed” the white race by NOT being bigots.

It’s just my opinion, of course, but I suspect someone read ‘The Turner Diaries’ to Donnie Dumbass and he, likely, thought it was a good read.  I suspect that ALL of these race-based, conservative acts of domestic terrorism can be traced back to that one, stupid book, with further inspiration provided by Trump’s rhetoric.  Oh, the glorious white dream, devoutly to be wished.

I’ll tell you this: these are the dumbest people on the planet.  The idea that they could ever take over the world and eliminate all people of color is ludicrous – but it seems they’re intent on trying, anyway…

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