We’ve recently seen yet another spate of mass shootings.  No, don’t bother checking the date.  It seems this statement will remain true no matter the date.  The mass shootings in question were perpetrated by nut ball white guys.  They were shooting into unsuspecting, unarmed crowds.  In response, the protect-the-white-guy advocates posted this photo:mass shooters 2019 as of august

The photo shows everyone involved in a “mass shooting” in 2019 (so far).  The idea is to “prove” that most mass shootings are committed by people of color.  For the record, according to Snopes, the depiction is fairly accurate, depending upon how one defines a mass shooting.

MOST of these guys were involved in some kind of gang war or other crime.  Those types of “mass shootings” are specifically excluded from the FBI’s list of mass shooters because the shootings usually have some specific driving force other than domestic terrorism.

What this photo DOES make abundantly clear is that gun violence is FAR worse in the United States than most people realize – and most people already think it’s far too bad.  I don’t know if it’s a good idea to highlight just how out of control this country is with guns just to try to prove it’s not only white people…


Many of my conservative brethren are really funny people.  I was reminded of this recently when that scumbag Epstein killed himself in prison.  My conservative friends started marking themselves “safe from being suicided by the Clintons.”  To me, that’s just funny.  You have to take into account that particular conspiracy theory – the one in which the Clintons kill anyone and everyone who crosses their path – a theory that clearly explains the unexpected passing of both Kenneth Starr and Monica Lewinsky.  Wait, what?  Still alive, eh?  Hmm, kind of a crap theory, then, eh?

Anyway, if you DO believe the drivel, that’s funny.  But it reminds me that the conservatives in this country don’t deal in facts or reality.  True, there are records of Bill Clinton traveling on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” airplane.  But there are videos of Donnie Dumbass actually partying with Epstein and a gaggle of young (perhaps, legally, too young) women AND Donnie on record acknowledging Epstein’s penchant for younger women.  It wouldn’t surprise me for a minute to find Epstein has – well, had – incriminating evidence against either of those “fine” gentlemen.

It was widely reported that Epstein had DVDs labeled [this person] + [this girl].  We were NOT treated to the identities of those names but Epstein had no visible means of support and had millions of dollars.  Blackmail seems a plausible explanation.  I expect the age of the girls in question will serve as the excuse to not release the details of the DVDs but I think someone with a lot of power and money is using it to make an “unpleasant episode” go away.  It should be noted at this point that, technically, it’s Donnie Dumbass who has ultimate responsibility for the safety of Epstein while in a Federal jail.

I’ll tell you this: I, for one, will be interested to see if Epstein’s untimely demise ALSO manages to keep the details of those DVDs out of the public eye…

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