Will He or Won’t He?

Okay, spoiler alert!  Donnie Dumbass said he might testify at the House Judiciary Committee hearing on his criminal behavior.  I don’t know about you but I waited on pins and needles wondering if he might actually show up and, if so, what brilliant piece of information he has hiding in his back pocket that would clear his oh-so-sullied name.

In a surprise move, Trump made the cowardly decision to hide rather than try to prove his innocence…

Alas, it was not to be.  After what, for him, is considered careful review, he declined.  He whined that the process is “unfair.”  His “lawyer du jour,” Pat Cipollone, whined that Bill Clinton had a fairer hearing in 1998.  Why, yes, this WOULD be the same Bill Clinton the Republicans impeached with no crime at all!  Totally fair!

Listen, I get it.  I know that if I stood accused of some crime (or in the fair case of Clinton, no crime at all) and held the perfect evidence to prove my innocence, the very first thing I would do is circle the wagons and refuse to participate because I can question the fairness of the process, instead.  Personally, I’ve ALWAYS been astounded that laws can be negated just by saying the process is unfair.  It seems like rather a fixable loophole.  Still, Trump invoking the “Meanie-pants” defense is going to be hard to overcome.

So…feel free to go on about your business.  Donnie isn’t going to testify, after all.  The rest of us will just have to make our decision based on all of the other witnesses who DID testify that Donald Trump, using assets of the United States of America, tried to bribe a foreign national into helping him personally…

4 thoughts on “Will He or Won’t He?

  1. There was NEVER a chance that Donnie Dumbshit would testify…..It was a very clever play by Nadler to make the offer…..He wanted it in record the Trump had been invited but,of course, declined to appear….

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