I hear George Zimmerman, the guy who stalked, provoked, and then murdered Trayvon Martin, is suing the Martin family for $100 million dollars.  Apparently, even though he was acquitted in one of Florida’s Kangaroo Courts, people still have an opinion about what he did – and it isn’t a nice opinion.

Zimmerman says he feels ostracized, like people continue to think he got away with murder.  And all because he got away with murder.  Wow.  The indignity.  Zimmerman’s “lawyer” is a guy named Larry Klayman.  He’s a right-wing nut ball and the founder of Judicial Watch, a web site for right wing nut balls.

It’s classic conservatism.  First, you get away with murder utilizing backward Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law, even though it was Trayvon standing HIS ground against an unknown assailant, THEN you decided that, hey, maybe there’s a way to profit from this, too…

Personally, I hope George Zimmerman feels the burn of societal judgement for the rest of his dark days…


ALL patriotic Americans are following the impeachment process as it plays out.  Conservatives are hiding from it, waiting for Fox “News” to tell them what happened – whether it happened or not.  It’s rather a stunning act of cowardice, from my point of view.  I suspect they KNOW, on some level, Trump is guilty of trying to bribe a foreign country into meddling in an American “election” so they dare not risk hearing the actual evidence.  It’s hard enough to maintain the pretense of Trump’s “innocence” as it is…

ALL patriotic Americans expect the process to be nullified by the corrupt conservatives in the Senate.

But Senate dishonor cannot bestow honor on the personification of pride, envy, gluttony, lust, avarice, wrath, and sloth that is the criminal Donald (“Donnie Dumbass”) Trump…


I’m told from time to time that calling conservatives stupid only makes them more determined to vote Trump so we shouldn’t do it.

I know it’s rude, so I won’t.  But if they don’t want me to think of them as stupid, they shouldn’t give me so much evidence to support my supposition…

One thought on “Legacies…

  1. Re: calling conservatives stupid. This phrase comes to mind; “if you want me to say nicer things about you, be a nicer person.”

    I’m paraphrasing…but the basic truth remains the same. They ACT stupid. One can only assume they ARE stupid until they behave otherwise.

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