Flawed Processes…

Senate GOP: “We, the jury, find for the defendant.”
America: “Um…the trial hasn’t even started yet…”
Senate GOP: “What’s your point?”

Mitch and Lindsey
Moscow Mitch and Lying Lindsey hate America…

Both Moscow Mitch and Lindsey Graham have declared they’ll be working closely with the White House during the “trial” in order to bring about the result the White House prefers.  This, from the party who have been crying and whining about the “fairness of the process” from the start.

Mitch and Lindsey should recuse themselves.  Clearly, they lack impartiality…


Near the beginning of the Judiciary Committee phase of the House Impeachment hearings, a conservative – pretending to be a “true American” (but actually just a conservative) – stood up in the chamber and began shouting that the process was flawed and that Democrats should be impeached.

He was a plant by the GOP.  You know, to make the process more “fair.”  His name is Owen Shroyer.  He’s one of the people who lies for Infowars, the Alex Jones falsehood machine.  Why, it’s almost as if the conservatives KNOW they have no legal leg to stand on so they decided to pound on the table and scream like hell.  I accept their attempted distractions as acknowledgment that they know their “President” is as crooked as Lombard Street in San Francisco…

They just don’t care…


Somewhere along the way, conservative pseudo-christian men – fearful that someone may someday discover their secret desire to have sex with other conservative pseudo-christian men, created a process they cleverly called Gay Conversion Therapy.  Sure, it sounds like they’re trying to convert people TO the gay lifestyle but, apparently, the opposite is the case.  They’re trying to “ungay” themselves, or, rather, gay people.

Well, that isn’t going to work.  But I’d like to adopt the concepts of the practice and apply it to conservatism, in general.  Most conservatives in this once-great nation seem to be under the thrall of the opinion-based conservative bubble.  It’s a kind of Stockholm Syndrome.  For the most part, they’re NOT going to be able to save themselves.  They’re going to have to be rescued.  We’ll put them through Conservative Conversion Therapy by teaching them to recognize facts and use the scientific method and to disregard opinions and assertions from the bubble.

At least Conservative Conversion Therapy would benefit mankind…


We have a popular local trail here in my home town called the Joe Rodota Trail.  It has been taken over by an encampment of homeless people and now people WITH homes are complaining they can’t use the trail.  “Why don’t those people just…go home?” they ask.

In the 1930’s, after the conservatives had, once again, destroyed the national economy and caused the Great Republican Depression, people who could no longer afford to function in our society formed little homeless encampments across the country that came to be known as ‘Hoovervilles’ in honor of the dumbass conservative President who presided over the failed economy at the time, Herbert Hoover.

These days, I’m told over and over about the booming economy and how great everything is for everybody but I notice that the homeless encampments keep growing.  It’s almost as if people’s actual day to day lives aren’t paying attention to the good news we’re being fed on a daily basis from the corporate media.

I suspect the homeless encampments are going to continue to grow.  They’re a natural consequence of the so-called “free market.”  I propose, in honor of their forerunners, we name ALL new homeless encampments “TrumpTowns…”


Matt Blevins
Conservative and whiny-assed, vicious, sore-loser, Matt Bevin.

Okay, you can’t make this up.  The outgoing governor of Kentucky, Matt Bevin, in an effort to prove to the good people of Kentucky they made the right decision in ousting him, pardoned a bunch of people.  No big deal, really.  It’s common practice.  It’s WHO he pardoned that has raised eyebrows.  I’ll let the Guardian tell you:

“But a number of the pardons were for particularly violent crimes, like a woman who gave birth in a flea market porta-potty and dumped her newborn into the toilet’s septic tank; a man who hired a hitman to murder his business partner in front of his family; a man convicted of beheading a woman and stuffing her body in a 55-gallon drum; a man convicted last year of raping a nine-year-old child; and a man convicted in a home invasion homicide whose brother hosted a fundraiser for the governor last year.”

The last guy on that list pretended to be a law enforcement officer in order to gain entrance to a home where he and two other guys killed the man inside.  The two who DIDN’T have a brother hosting a fundraiser were NOT pardoned…

I’ll tell you this: Blevins could certainly use some Conservative Conversion Therapy…

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