Helpful Input…

Remember when this was relevant?  Ah…good times…

Just a couple of things:  I’m kind of tired of listening to Republicans repeating stories that aren’t true in place of an actual defense of our impeached so-called “President.”  Since the rank and file have been SO dedicated to their current strategy of sticking their heads in the sand and ignoring reality, they don’t KNOW the stories aren’t true.  This lapse has them repeating bunk over and over, rudely, as though they know things.  So…I’m offering a couple of responses in the hopes that loyal Americans will pick them up and explain them to snowflake conservatives should the opportunity arise…

One of the stories regurgitated by deceptive Republicans is that Democrats have been out to impeach Trump since the day he was inaugurated because lefties hate him so much.  This is only partly correct.  There HAVE been voices calling for his impeachment from the start but those calls aren’t because we hate him (though most Americans do).  The reason for the calls for impeachment is based on the fact that Donald Trump has been so closely associated with so much criminal activity going back to the campaign

Story two: Democrats are trying to overturn the 2016 election.  No.  The election is over and can’t be undone or overturned.  But winning the Electoral College during an “election” doesn’t allow the “winner” to commit any crime he or she desires from that point forward.  Trump, with the help of the Russians, allegedly “won” the Electoral College.  Election over, Trump wins.  But then he committed crimes – at least, according to sworn testimony.  The “election” can’t be overturned.  But a criminal President can be and should be removed from office…

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