Cheaters Exit

So…the cheatinest team in the history of the NFL, the New England Patriots, have been caught cheating yet again!  Worse, they got caught filming an opponent’s sideline!  Again!  No rational case can be made that the cheatin’ New England team doesn’t understand the rules of filming opponents.  That’s the very crux of their FIRST cheating scandal, ‘Spygate.’  They filmed opponents from 2000 until 2007 when the NFL finally got around to asking them to, if they wouldn’t mind, please stop cheating.  Apparently, the answer was, “We’ll hold off for awhile, until this blows over, but we’re not going to stop.”

The thing is, Robert Kraft, cheating owner of the cheating Patriots, is one of the most powerful people in the NFL.  Apparently, he’s more powerful than Roger Goodell, the Commissioner of the NFL.  So, I understand Goodell has no real authority to stop the Patriots from cheating.  Last time, all the NFL could muster was a fine of pennies on the dollar from some of the people involved.  Likely, that will be along the lines of what Cheatin’ New England will face THIS time, too.

Personally?  I think the Cheatin’ Pats should be barred from post-season play.  Whatever they “accomplish” on the field during the regular season will just be set aside (since the safest bet is that they cheated to accomplish anything anyway) and the next team in line should take their place.

If the cheating didn’t pay off so handsomely, they wouldn’t need to cheat…


So, this woman intentionally crashed her car into a child – a 14 year old child – because “she looks Mexican.”  Fortunately, the child was not seriously hurt.  The article I read in the ‘Independent’ indicated that the driver is an alcoholic racist.  The article did NOT indicate the driver’s political affiliation.  But if I had to bet, I’d put my money on “conservative.”  This is the reason inflammatory rhetoric (rapists, killers, drug dealers) from the ImPOTUS is dangerous.  This is the second time some conservative acolyte has used a car to attack people with whom they disagree.  On the up side, it looks as though there will be one less conservative voter out there this November as she’ll be sitting in jail, instead…


I have to admit, I was impressed by the absolute control the conservative bubble demonstrated over it’s adherents during the impeachment hearings.  I know many conservatives.  I don’t know one who paid direct attention to the hearings.  (I DO know several who CLAIM they watched or listened but, of course, those of us who actually did can tell by the claims of the conservatives that, no, you got your information later, from Hannity or Carlson or whichever Fox blowhard you like best…)

Now, on the one hand, I really was impressed.  On the other, it’s kind of DEpressing that so many people would – could – just close their eyes, ears, and minds and insist pretend is real and real is fake.  I honestly don’t know how Fox and it’s downstream subsidiaries got so many people to go along.  I imagine they didn’t just come out and say “don’t watch” but I don’t know that for sure.  I once heard Rush tell his audience that they didn’t need to think.  He’d tell them what to think.  So they don’t and he does.  His listeners don’t even know he’s lying – because they won’t check…

Conservatives like to think of themselves as the true Americans, holding the line against the evil hoards of Democrats and liberals.  Patriots.  Sure, “patriotic” like Benedict Arnold, another whiner willing to betray his country during a temper tantrum…

It might be thought that the one good thing about the current ImPOTUS  is that he has exposed everything true and corrupt about the modern Republican party.  Their pretended concern about fiscal responsibility went out the window.  The party of strong defense?  Yeah, except the ImPOTUS literally GAVE AWAY a hardened military installation – to the RUSSIANS!  Love and respect for the US Constitution?  Not when you’ll work so relentlessly to pretend actions that directly contradict the Constitution don’t really mean anything.  Conservatives are anything BUT patriots…


There’s one thing all Americans can take to the bank: when conservatives start throwing around accusations, one can bet the rent that the conservatives are projecting.  Conservatives actually believe (because the bubble tells them so) that Democrats cheat in the “elections” by busing in hoards of illegal aliens to cast ballots – then drive the bus to the next polling place.

Sure, that seems likely.  There’s NO WAY anybody would notice buses full of people driving up and unloading, sneaking in the back door, then loading back up and driving away.  As it happens, it’s just so much easier to have your friend and handler Vlad dial into voting machines and simply flip votes – something conservatives have been convinced couldn’t possibly happen ever anytime, anywhere – because that’s the actual way it’s done.

Now one of Donnie Dumbass’s workers, Justin Clark, has been caught confessing that “Traditionally it’s always been Republicans suppressing votes in places.”  Hey, no shit, huh?  Of course, Mr. Clark pretends he was taken out of context.  He was only referring to the charges that get leveled at Republicans all the time about voter suppression based on nothing more than the countless times the party has engaged in voter suppression.  (Conservatives always seem to get upset about being accused of this or that just because they did it.)  Of COURSE it’s a misquote, taken out of context.

What conservative would EVER participate in such underhanded behavior?  I mean, it’s not like we have video evidence of any conservative leaders named Paul Weyrich making exactly the case that fewer people voting benefits conservatives.  Oh, and I guess I should include the second paragraph from the Guardian article:

“But the report emerged just days after news that a conservative group is forcing Wisconsin to purge upwards of 230,000 people from state voter rolls more than a year earlier than planned, a move that would disproportionately affect Democrats before the 2020 election.”

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