Bernie’s doing well.  In fact, he’s kicking hell out of the centrists.  That’s because, despite centrist claims that people only want a centrist, most people don’t really want a centrist.  Perhaps surprisingly, the incremental, baby-steps ‘let’s-make-sure-nothing-happens’ message isn’t catching on with those falling – or who have fallen – through the cracks.  Go figure…

The Washington Post did what they could, declaring Bernie the darling of the Russians.  Of course, the centrists jumped all over that but I found myself with questions.  For instance, the first line of the story says that it’s unclear what form the Russian “assistance” is taking.  (“No, we don’t know what they’re doing but they must be doing SOMETHING!” isn’t very…persuasive…)  If 2016 is any indicator, the complaint is that the Russians might be saying mean things about various candidates to try to inflame passions.

Really?  Is that it?  Because, truthfully, when I saw a meme saying that Hillary had personally killed Vince Foster, it made no difference to me if the message originated with the GOP or the GRU, I knew it was bunk.  So what passions might the Russians inflame regarding Bernie?  Oh, the DNC might be trying to rig the primaries again?  Berners know that.  Berners are all over that.  The Russians saying so won’t inflame the passions of Berners.  It will only make the centrists crazy because the centrists are working so effing hard to hold on to the fiction that the DNC didn’t cheat in 2016.

But the DNC DID cheat in 2016 and handed the “election” over to trumpery.  If the centrists will accept that one simple fact, there will be no more passions to be inflamed.  Russian influence ended.  Simple.

Of course, if the Russians are hacking into voting machines and flipping votes, that’s an entirely different matter but our corrupt system doesn’t allow officials to acknowledge even the possibility – you know, to “protect the integrity of the system.”  Obviously, if ANYONE is hacking in and flipping votes there IS no “integrity of the system” to protect, right?

Another question: was Bernie the ONLY candidate briefed on the Russians?  That’s the impression left by the Post story but at the same time, we also know that our fearful misleader got furious with Joseph Maguire, his director of National intelligence, because Maguire briefed Congress about the Russian interference (like he was supposed to) before bringing the information to the Trump Crime Family.  I’m guessing, here, but my guess is that ALL of the candidates were briefed.  It’s just that the corporate media needed a quality smear against Bernie so pretending he knew and kept it a secret and nobody else knew seemed like a good move.

Wouldn’t that be the very same kind of thing the Russians stand accused of – making up things to smear one candidate?  Is it better or worse if the lies come from Americans?  Inquiring minds want to know…


I don’t think Mike Bloomberg cares that he didn’t do well in the “debates.”  I think he used the occasion to identify areas his massive campaign buys need to focus on in order to deceive the largest number of people.  I mean, have you SEEN his ads?  He’s just promising to fix everything for everyone – and he’ll do it on day one.  He’s taking credit for things he didn’t really do and NOT taking responsibility for things he DID do.  But he’s going to spend enough money to stay relevant.  I don’t know how that will work on the national stage.

From time to time here in California some billionaire tries to buy their way into politics.  They spend massive amounts of money declaring they’re beholding to no one so they should get elected.  Generally?  They don’t…


Here in my home town, they’re shuffling the homeless around again.  I’ve seen all kinds of ideas and thoughts about the best way to solve the problem.  Curiously, I still have NOT seen “a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work” on the list.  (So-called “free market” Capitalism rejects the concept of an honest wage…)  True, that would only impact one portion of the problem but it would certainly reduce that one portion of the problem…


I guess this wasn’t supposed to be funny but a guy called “Mad” Mike Hughes died the other day.  He died when he tried to launch himself into space – in a homemade rocket – in order to prove the world is flat.

Apparently, the Darwin Awards are alive and well – even if it’s recipients are not…

3 thoughts on “Influences…

  1. It is possible—probable—that all of the candidates were told about Russian interference. I wonder though—if Bernie were the only one whose campaign was being actively messed with, perhaps the other candidates decided to let Bernie break the news himself, so remained quiet? (As did Bernie.)

    I know, I know, in Bernie world—-no f**king way. And THAT’S why people don’t like the man or his supporters. Not everyone is black ops and there can be other explanations.

    These days, it is so hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys that in my opinion, one looks very much like the other. I WILL vote BLUE—Bernie or otherwise. But I don’t like him Mark and I think he will cost us the election—which is what I think the Russians want. But I will vote for the cranky man.

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    1. Sounds a bit like you think Berners think Bernie perfect. Not so. I just know that Congress was briefed and so was Bernie. It makes sense that all the candidates were briefed and if not, I’d like to know why. If the Russians ARE doing their thing (and I suspect they are) ALL of the candidates could be vulnerable in some way.

      It’s cool with me if you don’t like Bernie so long as you vote for him if he gets the nod. (You said you would and I believe you.) I will vote for whomever the DNC foists upon us as well and I’m not excited about any of them, either.

      But as long as we all come out and vote blue, the Russians will HAVE to get involved or Donnie Dumbass will lose…


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