Well, that was…interesting.  I had noticed that Sleepy Joe didn’t do so well in the Iowa Caucus.  He came in 4th, in fact, with just 15.8% of the vote.  On to New Hampshire where he lost again, coming in 5th with just 8% of the vote.  He did better in Nevada where he lost again but came in a distant 2nd, with 20% of the vote to Bernie’s 46.8%.  I mean, it seemed very much like Biden’s “let’s not rock the corporate boat” message wasn’t catching on with the masses.

But the message from the corporate media became all positive for Biden heading into South Carolina and, hey, it seems they were right.  Overnight, ol’ Joe jumped from a distant also-ran to leader of the pack.  And he didn’t just win, he won BIGLY!  48% to Sanders 20%.  NOW the campaign is on track.  NOW the corporate Democrats can breath a sigh of relief.

Still…a thought crossed my mind.  (Hey, don’t be like that.  It happens…)  I did a little digging and now I’m confident enough to make a bold prediction.  Biden “won” South Carolina?  I predict he’s also going to “win” (are you ready?): Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas.

You see, the thought that crossed my mind and the results of the digging I did?  Those are the states that use computer voting machines with no paper trail!  He may or may not “win” Kansas and Mississippi but he’ll surely do well in those states, also, as they use a combination of machines with no paper trail and some that DO leave a verifiable record.

DRE Voting Machine
A tool of the downfall of the United States of America…

So…to review: states where people have to show up and states with verifiable paper trails vote overwhelmingly for Bernie.  States with NO verification go to Biden.  Got’cha.  Move along, folks.  Nothing to see, here…


I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of ‘The Young Turks,’ but they’ve recently taken a very “do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do” attitude.  To catch you up, ‘The Young Turks’ is a supposedly progressive news outlet led by a guy named Cenk Uygur.  (No, I didn’t just pound the keys, that’s how the guy spells his name…)  They’ve hung their hat on their liberal bona fides, blasting everybody who isn’t as “left” as they are and suggesting/demanding better behavior from all of their less enlightened brethren.

Then workers at ‘The Young Turks’ decided to join a union, normally a progressive position.  Uh-oh.  Turns out, pseudo-progressive Uygur thinks unions are great ideas – for everyone else.  HIS company just can’t afford the expense, says he.

It seems conservative Capitalism can infect anywhere…


Just for fun, here.  I read a little blurb that something like 1,300 people complained to the FCC about the halftime show of the Stupor Bowl.  The comments were pretty uniformly about the gyrations of the dancers and the things they touched while dancing.  Now, I’ll tell you the truth.  I don’t tune in to football to watch dancing.  I did find the performance rather suggestive but a case could be made it was sex-positive – ostensibly a good thing, yes?  Not to the 1,300…

As it happens, 102,000,000 people watched the broadcast.  1,300 complained.  1.27% didn’t like it.  That means 98.73% did – or, at least, didn’t take the time to complain.  At that rate, I suspect it will only be a few more years until the dancers are all naked…

5 thoughts on “Exposed…

  1. I am not a “Biden guy”…in fact, I am a Warren guy…I would even vote for Roy Moore if he were the Dem nominee…..absolutely ANYBODY but Donnie dumb-shit,,,,

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  2. Wow !…..Conspiracy theory run amok !!….By your analysis,if Bernie loses,it was because all the non “paper trail voting” was rigged……my,my….how do you feel about the fake moon landing ?


    1. Biden guy, eh? Well, just so’s you know, I’ll vote for whomever gets the nomination. Three of the states I mentioned are Super Tuesday states. What happens if Biden wins Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas (‘no paper trail’ states) but loses the rest? Would that not boost the idea of a true conspiracy and reduce the concept of “theory?” The DNC has been pretty clear that they don’t want Bernie. It’s not “fake moon landing” stuff to make honest observations…

      We’ll know more Wednesday morning. I hope you’re well, sir…


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