DNC Tools…

DNC Flipoff
Sure, poor Photoshop but a solid representation of the DNC attitude toward the voters…

Last week I suggested that if, on Super Tuesday, Biden won Oklahoma, Texas, and Tennessee but lost the rest, I’d feel like the fix was in because those states use computer voting machines with no verification.  I got called on the position.  There was a suggestion that I had succumbed to a conspiracy theory.  Maybe I did.  Biden DID win Oklahoma, Texas, and Tennessee but he won elsewhere, too.  Then again, Biden has not lost a state that uses computerized, no-paper-trail machines and I doubt he will.  Because Sanders was projected to win California, Biden HAD to win Texas to make it look good.  He started out behind.  But all turned out well for the DNC in the end…

As you can see, I’m not giving up on my “conspiracy theory” just yet.  That’s because there was another…I’m going with “unusual” event that occurred the day before Super Tuesday.  (We’ll call it ‘Manipulated Monday.’)  Not one, not two, but THREE also-rans came out and endorsed Biden the day before the “election.”  Three.  I called them “also-rans” and two of them, O’Rourke and Klobuchar, were.  But one of them, Buttigieg, was in third place in the delegate count.  No, he wasn’t burning up the field but in third place going into Super Tuesday is NOT the normal time for a candidate to decide he has no path.

Two candidates stepping down under unexpected circumstances and three making big productions about endorsing the preferred DNC candidate the day before Super Tuesday seems…orchestrated to me.  But that’s the thing, right?  This process IS orchestrated.  By the Democratic National Committee.  How?  Just a friendly phone call.  “Nice political career you’ve got there.  Shame if something were to happen to it.  Listen, I need you to do me a favor, though…”

While all of the arguing and fighting is taking place over the “best” candidate by various Americans online and in person, the DNC has made clear that, from their point of view, THEY pick the Democratic nominee and you WILL vote for their choice.  Period.  Which brings me to another point.

Elizabeth Warren.  I really like her.  I think she would have made a terrific President.  I’m still a Sanders guy, though, and it’s important to remember that.  Warren supporters are upset by the appearance that Warren got sidelined by the DNC – a feeling I know having supported Sanders in 2016.  It’s frustrating.  But then, Warren’s supporters started suggesting that Warren was sidelined because this country isn’t ready for a woman as President.  I don’t agree.

In 2016, the DNC rigged the primaries in FAVOR of a “Vulvular American” AND said Vulvular American WON the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes!  The fact that the DNC rigged the race to benefit a woman in 2016 belies the idea that the DNC won’t support a woman and the fact that said woman won the popular vote suggests that the masses are ready for a woman, too.  So, stop with that stuff…

Warren’s single biggest strike is that she presented as a Progressive and the DNC CAN not – WILL NOT – tolerate progressives.  The DNC is a corporate organization working for the benefit of corporations.  That’s why only corporate Democrats need apply.  Rule One: a candidate MUST be in the “incremental, baby-steps” (read: ‘don’t rock the boat’) crowd.  But after that basic consideration, the OTHER requirement to “win” the nomination seems to be money.  ANY loyal, corporate Democrat can have the nomination – if they can buy it.  Hillary did in 2016.  Biden seems to have done in 2020.

THAT’S why Warren will, eventually, endorse Biden.  She has to.  As a party member, she needs the DNC and the DNC is quite clear what kind of political future one has in the party should one defy the dictates of said party.  The fact that Bernie is not a party member and is, therefore, not controllable by the party is the single most important reason the DNC will never, ever allow Bernie the nomination.

My attitude is that if the DNC is going to let Bernie run as a Democrat, they should let him win (or lose fairly) as a Democrat.  If they’re not going to let him win, they shouldn’t let him run.  But right and wrong, “should” and “shouldn’t” don’t seem to matter anymore.  This is what we’ve got.  Trump on the right.  The DNC choice on the, well, center-right.  Nobody on the left.

Now, here’s why it’s important to remember I’m a Sanders guy: we’re gonna lose.  I think we have the best candidate but the DNC has already made a choice and they’ve told us they’ve made their choice.  Think of it this way: when you go to a booth at the county fair to play a game, you KNOW the game is rigged against you.  When you DO lose, you don’t demand your money back because you knew you were going to lose going in.  So do that with Bernie.

Let’s all have our fun.  Let’s rock the boat as much as possible to expose the dirty politics of the Democratic party.  But do not get so emotionally involved you deceive yourself into believing you actually have a chance when you KNOW you don’t.  Do not get so polarized you can’t bring yourself to cast a ballot for Biden in November.  Yeah, Biden sucks.  But not as badly as Donnie Dumbass and those are really your only two choices…

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