All Covid, All the Time…

Captain, My Captain:
I think the first thing I’d like to address is Captain Brett Crozier, Commanding Officer of the USS Theodore Roosevelt being relieved of his command.  He wrote a letter – an email, actually – requesting urgent assistance for his crew.  Covid-19 had been found on board and he needed help.  He sent the email to several people, some, apparently, outside his chain of command.  Someone leaked the letter to the media and the San Francisco Chronicle printed it.  Two days later, the Navy relieved the commander.

A man Trump desperately wishes he could be…

They said he hadn’t acted professionally.  I say he was protecting his crew.  They say he had lost the ability to lead.  His crew cheered him as he left the ship.  My guess is they would have followed him anywhere.  The Navy claims they took the action on their own – no pressure from above.  That could be.  Trump has morons everywhere in government.  Perhaps they don’t need direction to do the wrong thing at every turn.  But Trump has publicly supported the decision and whiny petulance is just Trump all over.  Captain Crozier did the right thing.  The Trump administration – once again – did the wrong thing.  Maybe Captain Crozier can get his ship back after we relieve Trump of his position due to his inability to lead…

…assuming we survive Trump’s continuing bungling of the Covid-19 response…


Primarily speaking:
Well, like everyone else, I’m in lock down.  I spend the day staying mostly indoors, staying away from people as much as possible, little to do, seeking ways to keep busy.

I’ve never enjoyed a presidential primary so much…

It crossed my mind that the primaries could continue using paper ballots.  It’s a slower process, sure, but at least things could keep moving forward.  The thing is – and, yes, I know this sounds like a conspiracy theory – you know all the brilliant, impossible victories Biden started piling up?  What if paper ballots create a surge in Bernie votes, a surge that, for some reason, isn’t captured in electronic voting machines?  My guess is, that’s the very issue the DNC is wrestling with today.

The only real solution is to cancel the rest of the primaries and “fix it” – if you will – at the convention…

…assuming we survive Trump’s continuing bungling of the Covid-19 response…


A Covid-19 silver lining:
Having JUST said I’m in lock down, I should clarify – I’m not.  I’m “essential” (read: “sacrificial…”)  I spend a LOT of time driving.  The roads are great.  They’ve even stopped wasting time with traffic reports on the morning news.

Yeah, I know that’s a pretty thin “silver lining” but at least it’s something…

Oh, wait.  The people truly trapped inside, never get to experience and enjoy the improved traffic conditions so I guess, for them, it’s no lining at all.  Never mind…


We’re Number One:
Well, the United States managed to mangle it’s Covid-19 response to the point of having more infections than any other nation.  We haven’t hit the highest number of deaths, yet, but I have high confidence that with this crack team in charge, we will.  We will.

Early on, I saw one of my conservative friends ripping on the Italian government in social media as the Italians struggled to contain the virus.  It was an opportunity, you see, to try and attack Italy’s socialist medical system as inefficient and ineffective.  Now that the Capitalist system shows every sign of failing even MORE spectacularly, my conservative friend has gone silent on the subject…


Greed kills:
If so-called “Free Market Capitalism” is so great, how come every seven to ten years Democratic Socialism has to step in to save it?  Worse, since we KNOW Democratic Socialism saves Capitalism every time Capitalism fails, why not just STICK with the better system?

…assuming we survive Trump’s continuing bungling of the Covid-19 response…

4 thoughts on “All Covid, All the Time…

  1. Berners were convinced their vote didn’t matter last time so they didn’t vote. I pray that mistake isn’t repeated.


  2. I always enjoy “Fresh Bacon”, but wish you Berners would stop talking about “the fix”. Keep it up and you will all but assure we are stuck with an incredibly incompetent government run by idiots led by an orange clown.


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