Reversals and Revocations…

Okay, so the headline is ‘Barr says he didn’t give tactical order to clear Lafayette Park protestors.‘  But inside, if you read the story, there’s this: “He said he attended a meeting around 2 p.m. Monday with several other law enforcement officials, including Metropolitan Police Chief Peter Newsham, where they looked at a map and decided on a dividing line. Under the plan, the protesters would be moved away from Lafayette Park and federal law enforcement officials and members of the National Guard would maintain the perimeter line, Barr said.”

So, basically, Barr is saying he didn’t say “1,2,3 go!”  He just “looked at a map and decided on a dividing line” with other law enforcement officials and then waited for it to happen.  He even got irritated it didn’t happen sooner.  That is one tiny, little fine hair he’s splitting…


The NFL has reversed course on players kneeling in protest.  It’s the correct move.  (I wonder if Colin can get a job again now…)  It was never about the flag or disrespecting the National Anthem.  It was always about police abuse, especially toward people of color.

There’s a certain orange individual who is angry about someone making a good decision.  (That’s just his way.)  But look at the bright side: if Trump doesn’t like it, you know you’re doing the right thing…


So…BOTH candidates oppose Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.  Trump because Twitter exposed some of his lies, Biden because other platforms won’t expose lies.  I support Twitter and what they did so I guess I’m with Biden.  I think the other platforms should at least fact-check data on their platforms.

Conservatives always complain that the process is used to block conservative positions.  Well, kinda.  Conservatives these days dwell in a world of opinions, assertions, and anecdotes.  In short, a world where true and false fall second to personal preferences.  This, of course, means that many, most, perhaps ALL conservative posts would have to be flagged.  But that doesn’t happen because they’re conservative.  It happens because they’re false.

I recognize conservative’s right to embrace falsehood.  I reject the idea that their choice to embrace falsehood means I have to accept it as well.  Yes, you have the right to be wrong.  I have an equal right – and a higher responsibility – to be right.  But here’s the most important part:  in a democracy (or a constitutional republic) accurate information is the life blood of the society.  Allowing anybody to post whatever bunk that pops into their wrongheaded little brains without challenge is actually harmful to America!  For clarity, I say post it but flag it.

I really don’t care if conservatives say it makes it harder for them to lie.  Good!  That’s the point.  ANY position that depends upon lies for it’s defense doesn’t deserve to be defended…

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