So…have you heard the one about the Russians paying Taliban insurgents bounties to kill American soldiers?  Apparently, neither has Trump.  Or, at least, that’s his claim.  That’s his explanation for why he never took action against Russia.  He didn’t know about it.  (It’s funny to me how the hands-on, got-it-all-under-control so-called “President” never seems to know what’s going on around him…)  Also, it wasn’t credible.  He didn’t know about the thing that wasn’t credible so no action was taken.  Got it.  But that’s not quite right, is it?  He DID take action.  He invited Russia back into the G7.  Russia pays bounties on the lives of American soldiers and Trump rewards them?


I believe Trump is a Russian “asset.”  I really do.  There’s no other plausible explanation for why he’s so deferential to Putin.  If you think you can defend his feckless lack of response, I’d like to hear it.  As part of the exercise, though, please include your service dates.  I suspect that if I hear any defense of Trump’s failure to act at all, it will come from people who couldn’t be bothered to serve because they had “other priorities…”


I guess nobody should be surprised to find that Covid-19 cases are resurging, particularly in the “Screw you!  This whole thing’s a fake” states.  And yet, some people still are – surprised, that is.  This latest surge was as predictable as sunrise.  More people are going to die, just because American business interests wanted workers to get back to work.  I mean, how are the Capitalists supposed to pad their wealth if workers aren’t producing revenue for them to steal?  And what, after all, are a few hundred thousand worker lives when it comes to maintaining the bloated lifestyles of the few?

Fortunately, America has a “President” who is right there working as hard as possible to take away what little and crappy access most Americans have to health care.  So, let’s try our hand at Fox “News” spin.  Workers aren’t “dying.”  Instead, they’re creating new job openings for other workers.  My, how considerate…


Wow.  Facebook finds itself in an advertiser revolt over such a little thing as allowing unchallenged lies on it’s platform in an effort to boost Trump.  Predictably, Zuckerberg is doing as little as possible while talking about everything he’s doing to address the problem.  I think Zuck knows the lies benefit Trump and Zuck likes Trump.  But Zuck likes money, too.  So, how much money is Zuckerberg willing to pass up in order to support his preferred candidate?

Inquiring minds want to know…

2 thoughts on “Priorities…

  1. Mark, since I know you served and YOU know you served in the Air Force, I wish, in this piece you would list YOUR service dates. I wish everyone that has and is serving would stand up, as you are, and scream about this. It is not only disgusting but feels borderline treasonous to me.

    Trump is a pig and now we learn of yet another way he has betrayed our country. I’m not surprised. I am heartbroken for the military men and women that might have died because of his lack of action and for the families they left behind.

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